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LAND review

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The Great Unknown

How would you handle an unspeakable tragedy?  That question is at the forefront of Robin Wright’s somber directorial debut, “Land”.  A woman named Edee (Robin Wright) has completely moved-out of her former dwelling and has purchased a mountainside cabin in the wilderness of the Rockies.  As we quickly learn she’s not expert in the outdoors, it becomes clear she relocated to escape from her past.  The struggle becomes almost too much to bear and she’s ready to end it all, until Continue reading


WONDER WOMAN 1984 – The Flick fanatics (Karl S.)

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Gal Gadot- Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman

Pedro Pascal- Max Lord

Kristen Wiig- Barbara Minerva/ Cheetah

Chris Pine- Steve Trevor

Even Wonder Woman needs to be careful what she wishes for!

Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot return with DC Comics prominent female superhero Wonder Woman fighting evil in the decade of greed and decadence, the 80’s. Wonder Woman 1984 takes place 65 years after we saw Steve Trevor sacrifice himself to win WWI and has Diana Prince still missing her one true love.

Its 1984 and the mysterious woman that fought by the side of the Allies taking down the Germans is now still a mystery fighting crime in Washington DC while her dual identity works at the Smithsonian. WW84 opens with a flashback of a young Diana participating in an Olympic type event with her Amazon sisters for a prestigious golden set of armor. Young Diana makes a mistake and ends up losing to Asteria. Then we flash forward to a Washington Dc mall and a group of thugs robbing a jewelry store, only they want the historical artifacts they are selling on the black market and not the diamonds.  Wonder Woman (Gadot) shows up, throwing her headband taking out the surveillance cameras, then proceeds to wrap up the four crooks and saves a little girl that was being dangled from the top level of the mall.

The artifacts are brought to the Smithsonian for verification by Diana Prince’s forensic archeologist team headed by nerdy girl Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig). Barbara finds one piece, a Mayan wishing stone that grants wishes to the person holding the stone. A moving guy touches it a sarcastically wishes for coffee, then a Smithsonian intern arrives with an extra cup of coffee and hands it to the mover, He takes a drink burning his mouth, this doesn’t go unnoticed by Diana. Later that evening, following a dinner with Diana, she is accosted by a vagrant near the monuments as she was heading back to the institute. Diana shows up out of nowhere throwing the drunk through a trash bin and saving her co-worker. The next day both women make a wish on the stone, Diana wishes for Steve Trevor to return to her and Barbara wishes she was like Diana.

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GREENLAND- The Flick Fanatics (Karl S.)

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Starring :

Gerard Butler- John Garrity

Morena Baccarin- Allison Garrity

Roger Dale Floyd- Nathan Garrity

Scott Glen- Dale

Gerard Butler is back to save humanity from an apocalyptic event in the new action flick “Greenland”.

John Garrity (Butler), a structural engineer building a skyscraper in downtown Atlanta, cuts out of work early to spend the weekend with his estranged wife Allison (Baccarin) and son Nathan. John makes it out to the suburbs and walks in to a “frigid” greeting from his wife but then is greeted with a hug from his son Nathan when he gets home from school. Allison sends the pair to the store for some last-minute items for weekend BBQ party with the neighbors, Nathan fills his dad in on the news of the Comet that is going to just mis the Earth as it flies by in 2 days.

While in the store John’s phone alert goes off and he gets a call from homeland security. Garrity answers the phone and he is instructed by Homeland security to gather 1 bag and his wife and child and make his way to the army base for extraction. Nathan and John get back to the house and all their friends are there and he pulls Allison aside and tells her about the call just as the alert happens again and this time it broadcasts on Allison’s TV for everyone to see. The Garrity’s gather their belongings and Nathan and enough of his insulin to last the trip to wherever they are going.


Within the next hour as John and his family are pulling out of the driveway, the National broadcast system announces that in fact the comet is going to impact Earth and in 2 days a piece the size of a football stadium is going to hit outside of Paris and is a global killer. Smaller parts of the comet begin to hit the earth resulting in fiery destruction. Allison’s friends converge on the Garrity’s car begging them to take their kids with them, with John telling them they can’t. Homeland only has room for his family.

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A Place Many Know, but Few Call Home

Growing-up as an Italian-American in St. Louis, my childhood consisted of many trips down to the The Hill.  Whether it was for lunch at Rigazzi’s or Amighetti’s, treats from Missouri Bakery, or even some groceries from Viviano’s, I can still vividly remember my time on The Hill.  “America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill”, directed by Joseph Puleo, showcases the beauty of the area, while also diving-into its rich history.  It was impressive how much I thought I knew about “The Hill” prior to this film as well, but man was I wrong.  The film touches on so much of its heritage, including where the name came from, how it prospered, and how it has recovered and continues to thrive.  While it encompasses so much time, the film is smartly-constructed and transitions smoothly from topic to topic.

A large portion of the film, as well as The Hill itself, revolves around St. Ambrose.  This parish is not only gorgeous and historic, but it also serves as a beacon of pride in the community.  Fortunately, I was able to marry my wife (whose is also Italian with family still living as residents on The Hill) there on April 7th of 2018 and it could not have been more perfect.  With St. Ambrose having such a large importance in our lives, we are excited to announce that our second child (due any day now) will be named Vincent Ambrose Mosello.  Just a small way to continue the passing-down of the parish’s legacy.  The Hill has always held a place in my heart and it only continues to grow.

Full of endless facts, stories, and appearances by residents (including some family members and even some friends!), the film serves as a moving ode to a truly remarkable place.  To survive some of the trials its faced is not only impressive, it’s nothing short of a miracle.  I cannot wait to take my children to The Hill once they’re a little older!  Joseph Puleo’s “America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill” is truly a walk-down memory lane for me and I strongly encourage all St. Louisans to take the trip as well!


AMERICA’S LAST LITTLE ITALY: THE HILL is available to rent/purchase on Prime Video or for DVD purchase here: