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John Goodman is savior then psycho in the creepy “10 Cloverfield Lane”

JJ Abrams reminds us of his last thriller “Cloverfield”(2008), but luckily in title only! Abrams’ new film “10 Cloverfield Lane” is a thriller starring John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. that will have you guessing until the final minutes of the film. JJ shows he is a fan of the classic Twilight Zone series with this new film that is character driven with a strong twist.

Michelle (Winstead), running away from a troubled relationship (boyfriend’s voice is Bradley Cooper) packing her stuff and leaving behind keys and an engagement ring. Michelle is hit from behind driving her car off the road. She wakes up in a concrete room with a cut on her forehead, an IV in her arm and a brace on her knee that is handcuffed to the wall!

Howard (Goodman), a retired Navy satellite technician and survivalist, comes in with some food and explains to Michelle “You were in an accident, so I brought you here and saved your life.” She looked puzzled until he added that there was an attack and the rest off the world was dead and they were stuck in his bomb shelter for the next 2 years! Also confined below ground was Emmitt (Gallagher), local boy who helped Howard build the bunker.

Michelle doesnttrust Howard at his word and repeatedly tries to escape the bunker until she makes it to the door and sees a woman who has facial burns and dies in front of her. Howard forgives Michelle for doubting him and the three begin to bond over puzzles and board games. Howard tells Michelle about his daughter that was taken away by his ex-wife and now they are presumed dead. Emmitt sees the photo and explains that is not Howard’s daughter, but in fact a girl he went to school with that disappeared!

Then there is a loud sound that shakes the entire bunker. Howard tells everyone eo be quiet and it was probably a ground sweep for survivors by the alien armada. Yes spacemen have invaded the Earth according to Howard. Michelle is back to her escape plan knowing Howard caused her accident and has kidnapped girls before!

“10 Cloverfield Lanes” is an entertaining thriller that will have you guessing what parts of Howard’s story are real and what are creepy lies. Unfortunately goes from a good abduction tale to just plain silly in the final 20 minutes of the film. Goodman is creepy and Winstead is solid as a captive turned aggressor. I have never told anyone to leave a movie early (I have told them to stay away though), but when you see “10 Clovefield Lane”…leave when you see the birds fly by! If you don’t the film takes a bad turn to silliness!

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Rating: 3/6




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