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DUNKIRK- Karl Sides (The Flick

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Rylance and Hardy head up the cast of the new World War II epic, DUNKIRK!

Early in World War II, England sent troops to fight the Germans across the channel in France. The Nazis drove the French and English troops through Belgium to the sea at Dunkirk. They papered the town to let Allies know they were surrounded, Tommy (Fionn Whitehead), an English infantry soldier, made his way to the beach dodging bullets on every turn through town to find thousands of soldiers waiting for ships to take them home. England commissioned private boat owner to ferry troops across the channel before they could be picked off like fish in a barrel.

Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance), his son Peter (Tom Glynn-Carney) and his buddy George (Barry Keoghan) loaded their boat with life jackets and headed out to save as many soldiers as they can. Dawson gets within sight of Dunkirk when they come upon a stranded sailor (Cillian Murphy) sitting on a capsized ship. The sailor loses it when he finds out they are taking him back to Dunkirk, a struggle ensues and George is knocked down into the hold striking his head. Dawson tells him they are going to Dunkirk and pick up survivors.

Tommy finds a French soldier on the beach and they manage to grab a stretcher which allows them to cut to the front of the lines boarding the ship. The Germans would send in bombers each time a ship full of soldiers left Dunkirk killing most of the soldiers. Tommy manage to get off the ship before it sank and ended back on the dock. Tommy and a small group of survivors from the boat made their way to a tug boat that was beach waiting for the tide to come in.

While all this is going on in Dunkirk, Churchill sent a small group of fighter pilots (3) led by Farrier (Tom Hardy) to take out the German bombers. Churchill wasn’t going to send more troops to fight in France since the war was coming to England. Farrier’s wing man Collins (Jack Lowden) is shot down after taking out a German plane and is rescued by Mr. Dawson and his boat.

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DUNKIRK review

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When 400,000 Men Couldn’t Get Home, Home Came For Them

One of the most heroic and unlikely events of World War II is showcased in Christopher Nolan’s newest film, “Dunkirk”.  A group of 400,000 Allied soldiers, consisting of French, Belgian, Canadian, and mostly British soldiers, were surrounded in Dunkirk, France by the German army, pushing them to the beaches.  The film follows three distinct Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future!

Luc Besson’s latest, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, takes place a few hundred years into the future where many great Worlds have grown-together and established a metropolis colony named Alpha.  Alpha’s inhabitants represent over 1000 different planets, with 4 distinct regions to live in.  Next we are introduced to a young pair of special operatives, Valerian and Laureline.  Off on a secret mission to Continue reading