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The Snowman- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatic)

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Michael Fassbender- Det. Harry Hole

J.K. Simmons- Arve Stop

Rebecca Ferguson- Katrine Bratt

Jonas Karlsson- Mathias

Val Kilmer-Rafto

Fassbender tracks through the snow searching for a killer with a “Frosty” fetish in the new thriller, “The Snowman”

Det. Harry Hole spends his time on drunken binges since Oslo Norway has such a low murder rate until he returned to a mystery note from someone saying he would leave clues to save “Her”, signed with a picture of a snowman. Hole and newcomer Katrine Bratt, a special agent that is tracking the snowman with a theory he is targeting single mothers from failed marriages, respond to a missing person for a woman who went missing with her young daughter sleeping in the house. Mysteriously there was a snowman in the front yard facing the house.

Another woman, Sylvia Ottersen (Chloe Sevigny) was reported missing. Hole and Bratt arrive at the Ottersen house to find Sylvia there. Hours later they are called back and meet her twin sister Ane and find Sylvia’s head on the top of a snowman!

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