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GRETA- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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Isabella Huppert – Greta Hideg

Chloe Grace Moretz – Frances McCullen

Maika Monroe – Erica Penn

Nice girls finish last and sometimes trapped in a box!

Neil Jordan brings us the tale of a lonely old woman’s unique way of making friends in New York City in his new suspense film “Greta”.

Frances McCullen (Moretz) is a waitress that is struggling with the recent loss of her mother. Frances lives in Tribeca with her best friend Erica (Monroe) while punishing her father (Colm Feore) for moving on and not mourning her mother longer. Frances discovers a purse on the subway on her way home from work, she tries to turn it in to the lost & found only to find the booth empty. McCullen takes it upon herself to return it in person.

Erika warns her friend against returning it and says they should take the cash for a spa day and toss the bag in the dumpster. Frances insists on returning it even though Erika warns her against creeps in New York.

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