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TERMINATOR: DARK FATE- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

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Linda Hamilton- Sarah Connor

Arnold Schwarzenegger- T-800/ Carl

Mackenzie Davis- Grace

Natalia Reyes- Dani Ramos

James Cameron has brought back Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger to complete his version of the Terminator story arch he began in 1984 with the new film “Terminator: Dark Fate”.

Mexico City 2019.

A ball of Lightning appears on a bridge, then a naked woman falls from the bridge. “Grace”, a time traveling soldier, takes out some federales and steals clothes from the teenagers that helped her. Dani Ramos (Reyes) is a young woman who works with her brother Diego (Diego Boneta) at the auto plant and also takes care of him and her father. Another ball of lightning appears above an apartment building and a man falls to the ground; another Terminator is here. The Terminator is a Rev-9 and shows up at the Ramos home hunting Dani.

Grace, tracks down Dani at the auto plant and tells her and Diego to come with her or they will die in 30 seconds. The Rev-9 aka Gabriel (Gabriel Luna) also appears at the plant as Mr. Ramos in an attempt to kill Dani. Grace get Dani and Diego out and a car chase begins through the streets of Mexico City ending at a bridge where the Rev-9 corners Grace and the kids. The Rev-9 is a different type of Terminator, the 9 is made of both liquid metal and a steel skeletal form that are able to separate and work in tandem as a team. Just as the Terminator charges a truck pulls on to the bridge and a woman with a bazooka gets out and blasts both halves of the Terminator. It is Sarah Conner.

Sarah Conner, the original Terminator target, appears on the bridge just in time to save Dani and Grace. Diego was impaled in the chase and was killed by the Terminator. Sarah explained she is wanted across the country so she is off the grid hunting Terminators. Sarah explained that she gets mysterious texts with coordinates that a Terminator will appear. Grace shows Sarah a set of coordinates that were tattooed on her in case she needs help keeping Dani alive, it is the same location that is texting Sarah.

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Tony's Take


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An Anti-Hate Satire

The incomparable Taika Waititi delivers his fiercest, ferociously-funny offering yet in the charming “Jojo Rabbit”.  Following the life of young ten year old Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis), the film takes place in Nazi Germany towards the end of the Second World War; and his imaginary friend just happens to be Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi).  In-love with the Nazis and the Third Reich, young Jojo more than anything wants to be a part of Hitler’s Youth.  After an unfortunate accident involving a grenade, Jojo finds himself Continue reading

Tony's Take

HARRIET review

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Be Free or Die

Following the journey of real-life hero Harriet Tubman (Cynthia Erivo), “Harriet” begins with her still a slave on a plantation in Maryland.  Her husband (Zachary Momoh) and father (Clarke Peters) live down the road as a free man, while her mother and siblings live on the plantation.  Fed-up with her situation, Harriet takes the trail to freedom, as she evades capture from her owner’s son (Joe Alwyn) and slave catchers.  Encountering rugged terrain, dangerous conditions, and hostiles all around, Harriet’s journey is grueling and uplifting.  As she finally reaches Philadelphia Continue reading

Tony's Take


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Keep Pullin’ on that Thread

Taking place in the dreary 1950’s New York City, “Motherless Brooklyn” follows Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton), a young man suffering from Tourette syndrome.  Working for Frank Minna (Bruce Willis) as a private investigator, his World is turned upside-down when the man who’s been looking after him for so many years is murdered.  Caught-up in the case Frank was on, Lionel is determined to get to the bottom of why he was killed and what exactly he found.  His investigation leads him right to the Continue reading