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UNHINGED- The Flick Fanatics (Karl S.)

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Russell Crowe- Tom

Caren Pistorius- Rachel

Gabriel Bateman- Kyle

Russell Crowe is having a bad day in the new suspense film “Unhinged”.

Russell Crowe is Tom, a divorced man suffering from extreme headaches that is not living his best life at the moment. Unhinged opens with Tom tossing his wedding ring away and breaking into a house murdering the couple inside (presumably his ex-wife and her lover) and setting the house ablaze. The house explodes as Tom Drives away.

Rachel (Pistorius) is a single mom going through a divorce, like Tom not having any good days. Rachel over sleeps on the day of a meeting with an important client and is running late to get her son Kyle to school. Rachel hits traffic and cuts off numerous cars to exit the highway to navigate side streets to get Kyle to school. She is stopped behind a gray pickup truck that is just sitting at a green light. Rachel lays on the horn and speeds around the truck. Tom is driving the truck!!!

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