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Charlotte Rampling is about to celebrate her marriage when her husband decides to remember a “lost love” in the drama “45 Years”.

Kate Mercer (Charlotte Rampling) is about to throw a party to celebrate her and her husband Geoff’s (Tom Courtenay) 45th wedding anniversary. They are working together on the menu, who to invite and what songs to play. That was until Geoff got a mysterious letter during breakfast that brought back memories of his last girlfriend.

Geoff and Kate have been married half their lives, but Geoff begins to withdraw and starts acting peculiar. Geoff starts smoking and disappears into town on his own early in the morning. He also stops helping plan the anniversary party. Kate tries to follow him but loses Geoff in town. She returns and begins looking around the attic at the house. Kate finds that Geoff has been revisiting his prior relationship with old home movies.

As Kate view the films she realized that the selections Geoff was making for the party were the same songs the he and his old girlfriend enjoyed. This isn’t going to work for Kate. She calls Geoff out as they lay in bed together. She asks if he loves her, he replied “She is dead?” Kate then asked the difficult question, “If she was still alive, would we be married?” Geoff replied, “No.”

Kate realizes that she has alot invested in this marriage and plans to celebrate it with her husband and their friends. She tells Geoff to get over it and dot it before the party in 2 days!

45 Years is a strange tale of marriage and secrets. Unfortunately viewing 45 Years felt like it took 45 years to watch it. Rampling performance is very good and garnered her an Oscar nomination.  I can’t recommend you pay the big bucks and see this in the theaters unless you are one of those folks that has to see all the nominated films before the Oscars are presented. I do recommend you wait to see this on your cable or streaming service later this summer.

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Grade 2/6

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