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Mandy Moore is human chum in the new shark movie, “47 Meters Down”!

Mandy Moore (Lisa) stars with Clair Holt (Kate) as a pair of sisters that vacation in Mexico to help Lisa get over a break up. After a few drinks and fun on the beach, the girls meet Benjamin and Javier (Santiago Segura, Chris Johnson), a couple of local boys who offer to give the girls an experience of a lifetime……swim with Great White Sharks!

Lisa is apprehensive about the idea, but Kate talks her into it. The girls meet up with Ben and Javier on the dock the next morning. The Boys introduce the girls to the boat’s captain, Taylor (Matthew Modine). Taylor briefs the girls on diving protocol and shows them the rusted shark cage they will go down in. Finally, he tells them it is safe.

Ben and Javier begin to chum the water (pour fish blood and guts in the water to lure sharks) so there is something for the girls to see and photograph. The Girls go down and are immediately surrounded by Great White Sharks! They take a few pictures before a shark rams the cage and Kate drops the camera.

Taylor communicates with the girls checking oxygen levels, but no one looked at the cable and wench. Suddenly the cage dropped and hit the ocean floor followed by the wench from the boat. The girls are on the bottom of the ocean with a swarm of sharks between them and the boat.

You would think after movies like JAWS (1-4), Open Water and Shark Week on Discovery that people would know better than to come near a shark. SHARKS EAT PEOPLE. 47 Meters is predictable, boring and has some of the worst CGI sharks on film. As far as recommending the film, I have wasted more time telling you why not to see this film than it deserves. Modine is an afterthought and is just a voice over in the film. This is one of the worst things Mandy Moore has done.

I’m Karl the Flick Fanatic, closing the beach and saving you from experiencing 47 Meters down!

Rating: 0/6 AWFUL!

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