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And You Thought Your Mom was Bad

Just a little over a year after the hit “Bad Moms” thrilled audiences everywhere, the studio decided to jump on its popularity and crank out the sequel, “A Bad Moms Christmas”.  The “bad moms” are going through life and not much has changed since we last saw them: Amy is still with Jessie, Kiki is still raising her rambunctious kids, and Carla is still working at the spa and raising her son.  This time around though, their moms are paying a visit for the Holidays.  Amy’s mom arrives with a whole plan of her own, Kiki’s mom arrives a few days early with massive separation issues, and Carla’s mom hops-out of a truck in-front her house to complete surprise.  Fed-up with the normal routine for Christmas, the girls decide to “take” Christmas back and do it their own way.  Little do they know, their mothers’ have a whole different plan entirely.

Mila Kunis returns as Amy, mother of two is the primary focus of the three bad moms.  Kristen Bell returns as Kiki, the uptight mom who finally broke-out in the original.  Kathryn Hahn returns as Carla, the outrageous, no-holds-barred bad mom.  Christine Baranski plays Amy’s perfectionist mother, Ruth.  Susan Sarandon plays Carla’s loose mother, Isis.  Cheryl Hines plays Sandy, Kiki’s overbearing mother.  Jay Hernandez reprises his role as Jessie, Amy’s boyfriend.  Justin Hartley plays a Santa stripper who falls for Carla, Ty Swindel.  Peter Gallagher plays Amy’s father, Hank.  Oona Laurence and Emjay Anthony return as Amy’s kids, Jane and Dylan.  Lyle Brocato returns as Kiki’s husband, Kent.  Wanda Sykes is a welcome addition as Dr. Karl, a brutally-honest therapist.  Christina Applegate also makes a brief appearance as Gwendolyn.  Cade Mansfield Cooksey also returns as Carla’s son, Jaxon.

“A Bad Moms Christmas” utilizes what we learned in the first film; that Hahn is hysterical and needs more material and that the funnier the better, but while adding the jokes, they forgot to focus on the most crucial element of all: a good story.  As I mentioned earlier, “A Bad Moms Christmas” is full of hilarious jokes, ranging from crude references to fall-out-of-your-seat moments!  One after another, the jokes land and provide plenty of laughter.  Hahn steals the show with her one-liners, as you never know what you’re going to hear her say next.  Fans of the first film will be happy, because it’s obvious the cast is having a great time.  The girls’ chemistry is even more apparent and they truly act like best friends.  Where the film struggles, it struggles mightily.  The film’s story if often-predictable and pushes the realm of belief at times.  The stereotypes and clichés are strewn-about almost to no end.  The film’s pacing is a bit of a head-scratcher as well.  The first 1/3 features almost non-stop hilarity and laughter, while the middle 1/3 is almost a lull, and the final 1/3 again bringing-back the jokes.  It’s odd for a film to ignore its true purpose for such a long period of time.  “A Bad Moms Christmas” has a run time of 104 minutes and it lags during its story-driven middle 1/3.  “A Bad Moms Christmas” was not made for award consideration though, it was made for its loyal audience.  In that regard, the film flourishes and I’m sure fans of the first film will be more-than-happy!

“A Bad Moms Christmas” featured the return of the bad moms as they are welcoming their mother’s in-town for Christmas.  The film features plenty of hilarious laughs, the returning-cast from the original, and some predictable story elements.  If you are a fan of the original, there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing “A Bad Moms Christmas” this weekend!   


A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS is rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, and some drug use, in theaters NOVEMBER 1ST!

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