“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” Review- The Flick Fanatics (Karl Sides)

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Tom Hanks- Fred Rogers

Matthew Rhys- Lloyd Vogel

Chris Cooper- Jerry Vogel

Tom Hanks becomes one of the most beloved TV icons in his new film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”.

Tom Hanks stars as TV icon Fred Rogers in the new film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”. Mr. Rogers brought children into his imaginary neighborhood everyday to teach them morals and values in his own kind way.

Lloyd Vogel is an investigative journalist and uses the pen to exposes people and businesses creating a reputation for the writer that has people not wanting him to interview them. Lloyd is married and has a newborn baby and is facing the possibility of a job change. Vogel is called into see his editor and is given the assignment of a lifetime; he is to interview Fred Rogers for the “hero” edition of GQ magazine.

Vogel reluctantly takes the assignment and decides to find out who is the “real” Fred Rogers and his wife Andrea (Susan Kelechi Watson) tells Lloyd, “Don’t ruin my childhood”. Vogel sets up an interview with Mr. Rogers in Pittsburgh in his TV studio that is home to his imaginary neighborhood. Fred introduces Lloyd to everyone as a journalist and Roger’s friend. Vogel is treated to a behind the scenes look at Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, it was like looking behind the curtain in OZ.

Vogel’s interview of Fred turns into a kind of quid pro quo with Fred finding out about Lloyd and his family as he answered questions about himself. Lloyd is introduced to Joanna Rogers, Fred’s wife, and is privileged to the Real Mr. Rogers and discovers that Fred is REALLY THAT NICE!!! Fred discovers that Lloyd has tension in his relationship with Andrea and is estranged from his father (Chris Cooper) after he abandon his mother on her death bed.

Fred inserted himself in Lloyd’s life and just as he did with children through the television and began to repair the reporter.

This is normally the time when I grade a film and tell you the bad points about a film, with “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” there are NO bad points. Hanks is perfect in the role and his compassion show toward a stranger and his family if wonderful and something needed today. This movie is a top 5 film of 2019 and will bring home awards this season!!!

Won’t you be his neighbor? If yes, Go See “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” this weekend and leave the theater with a smile and warm feeling this holiday season.

The Real Fred Rogers on the set of his TV show.

Flickanalysis Grade: 5/5 (Perfection)