A QUIET PLACE- The Flick Fanatics



John Krasinski – Lee Abbott

Emily Blunt- Evelyn Abbott

Noah Jupe- Marcus Abbott

Millicent Simmonds- Regan Abbott


John Krasinski directs and stars in his new “edge of your seat” thriller, “A Quiet Place” that co-stars Emily Blunt as parents that must raise their family in total silence. The world they live in has been invaded by mantis like aliens that are blind but have superior hearing and speed.

Day 96

The Abbott family is on a supply run into town. The streets are deserted not even a stray dog in sight. The all comb through the general store grabbing meds for Marcus, Lee grabs repair parts for the radio and some hearing aids to adapt for Regan, who is deaf. Lee signs to his youngest Beau (Cade Woodward) that the toy space shuttle he has is too loud to bring home, only to have Regan give it back to him as they head out. The entire family is on foot, barefoot as they walk home. The live-in silence to avoid being hunted by the invading aliens.

The creatures are bling, but have enhanced hearing and super speed, so if you speak, from a cup or in the Abbotts case have a child that turns on a toy… the creatures descend upon him killing him instantly. The creatures appear to have an armor like shell and razor-sharp pinchers. Lee Abbott spends his evenings sending out Morse code messages to see if there is anyone else out there. The Abbott family also lights a signal fire each night to signal they are still alive and it is answered by 5 others in the area that are able to be quiet and not gain the creatures attention. The Abbotts also have a elaborate light system to alert anyone to danger or if it is safe to come to the house.

Months pass and Evelyn is very pregnant. The family is preparing for the baby by sound proofing the shelter they live in under the barn so that when the baby cries it won’t bring the monsters. Lee also modifies a hearing aid for Regan in an attempt to help her hear the creatures. It doesn’t work just gives feedback that in turn tortures the creatures. The Abbotts have stumbles on a weakness for the aliens.


A Quiet Place reminds me of a classic sci-fi thriller that may have been on Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. Surprisingly, it is intense and riveting even with only about 20 words of dialogue in the entire film. Krasinski does well in double duty as director and lead actor. Blunt is awesome as a pregnant woman about to give birth, who stepped on a nail and still remained quiet so not to alert the aliens to the family’s location.

A Quiet Place is a very good film and a pleasant surprise this spring at the Theaters.  Make your way to the cineplex as quickly and quietly as possible and enjoy 90 minutes of thrilling entertainment!

Rated PG-13 (violence)

5/6 explosions

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