A Star is Born (2018)- Karl Sides ( The Flick Fanatics)



Bradley Cooper- Jackson Maine

Lady Gaga- Ally

Sam Elliot-Bobby

Andrew Dice Clay- Lorenzo


Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga make a “Dynamic Duo” in the new updated musical classic, “A Star is Born”.

Jackson Maine is a singer on the downhill side of his career, having to get drunk and pop pills to make it through a show. Jackson’s brother Bobby, also a country singer, gave up his career to serve as road manager for his younger brother and to look out for Jackson.

Following a show, Jackson not ready to call it a night, grabs a bottle of gin and hops in his limo and tells the driver to find a place to grab a drink. Maine jumps out of the car and walks into a bar that turns out to be a gay bar having a “drag queen” show. Jackson is mesmerized as this singer belts out a song in French ending the song right in front of him.

Jackson makes his way to the dressing room and is introduced to Ally and invites her out. While she changes Maine plays a tune for the drag queens, Ally ends up catching the end of it. The two make their way around town and end up in the parking lot of a supermarket where Ally explained how she wrote songs but never sang her own music. She did sing part of a song she had begun writing that day to Jackson and he love it. Ally had always been told she had a great voice, but she didn’t have the looks to sing. Jackson told her she was beautiful, and he loved her nose and as he dropped her off at home yell out to Ally saying,” I just wanted to get another look at you”.

Maine had his driver pick up Ally and put her on a plane to meet Jackson at the next city on his tour. As Ally stood on the side of the stage Jackson invited her out to sing the song she sang to him in the parking lot the night before. “Shallows” is a hit by Ally and Jackson and sparked their romance and partnership singing on the road.

What should have resurrected Maine’s career ended up spring boarding Ally’s instead. Jackson continued his pills and booze downward spiral eventually embarrassing Ally as she accepted her first Grammy award! What is the new superstar to do?

You need to get to the theater to find out!

Flickanalysis: A Star id Born is one of the best films of 2018 and is assured of Award wins for song, Score and Lady Gaga for lead Actress. Bradley Cooper shines in the lead, directed the film and get this folks, HE CAN SING! Gaga’s acting is superb and the casting is spot on with Andrew Dice Clay as the old Italian father and a cameo by Dave Chappelle as Jackson’s longtime friend. I made a point to watch the 1976 version of the film with Streisand/Kristofferson and this 2018 version is more realistic and much better. The best thing about a Star is Born is the soundtrack with songs like “Shallows”, “Music to my eyes”, “Maybe it’s Time” and my favorite, “Always Remember us this Way”.

Rated R (Language, Drugs and Nudity)

My Rating 5/5 Grammy Awards!!!

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