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“You can’t change the past, only hope to learn from it.” Time

Mia Wasikowska is back as Alice, the girl who tumbled down the rabbit hole to discover a new whole of impossible things called Underland. Alice is now having adventures in the real world until she returns home to find her mother has signed over their home. Alice goes to meet with the new owner of her fathers company. Hamish, the man she left at the alter. As Hamish explains to Alice that she is going to be a clrk not a ship’s captain Alice sees an old friend Absolem (the voice of the late Alan Rickman).

Absolem leads Alice to a mirror that becomes a portal back to Underland where she is needed to help save the Hatter. The tea party gang including the White Queen Mirana (Anne Hathaway), Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Matt Lucas) explain that the Hatter is dying from depression. Alice goes to see the Hatter (Johnny Depp) and learns the story of his family, the Hightopps .

Hatter tells the tale of how he ruined Princess Iracebeth’s coronation day by making her crown too small. The princess of hearts (Helena Bonham Carter) sends her jabberwocky to kill the Hightopps. Hatter had just made his first hat and gave it to his father only to have him dismiss it as a poorly made hat. While on a walk the Hatter finds that same hat and thinks his family is alive! No one believes him and he sinks into a depression that may kill him!

Alice goes to visit him and check on her friend. She tries to convince him that he is mistaken and as he shows her out he claims, “Your not my Alice.” Queen Mirana tells Alice she must go see Time (Sasha Baron Cohen) and borrow the chronosphere, an orb that allows you to travel through time. The problem for Alice is the Time Master wont let her have it because it runs the master clock in Underland and cant be removed. Alice isn’t the only one that wants the chronosphere, The Red Queen Iracebeth, also wants the orb to get revenge on her sister Mirana.

Alice steals the Chronosphere and begins a race through time being chased by the Time Master. Alice find the moment the Hatter ran away from home after giving his father the hat he crafted, only to have the same results come to pass. The Time Master warned Alice, “ You can’t change the past, but you can hope to learn from it.”

Alice attempts to prevent the accident that makes Iracebeth the evil little woman she becomes only to fail at that as well. Alice’s final stop is an attempt to save the Hightopps from the Jabberwocky. This time she doesn’t change history but in fact learns that the Hatter’s family is alive! But where are they?

This return trip to Wonderland 6 years after the first is much anticipated and a wonderful trip. Depp is amazing as the Hatter. It was nice to see the chemistry again with Helena Bonham Carter and Sasha Baron Cohen who were paired as a couple of baddies in Les Miserables. The only disappointment was Anne Hathaway’s performance as the White Queen, she was the one that seemed to be dying on screen and not the Hatter. But that small issue is not enough to drag down this fun family film. I really like the final message from the Hatter to Alice, “Family is important, you only have one of them.”

Take the family this holiday weekend on a trip to Underland and travel with Alice through time!

Rate PG 

Running Time 1 hr 53 mins.

RATING 5 out of 6.










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