ANT MAN AND THE WASP- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Paul Rudd- Scott Lang/ Ant Man

Michael Douglas- Dr. Hank Pym

Evangeline Lilly- Hope Van Dyne/ Wasp

Michael Pena- Luis

Hannah John-Kamen- Ava/ Ghost

Ant Man returns, this time with the sting of the Wasp, but more is not always better in the new film “Ant Man and the Wasp”.

It is almost 2 years since the events in “Captain America: Civil War” and Scott Lang aka the Ant Man is under house arrest and on the outs with Dr. Hank Pym and Hope. Pym is furious he went off to Germany to fight with Captain America and implicated all of them by violating the Sokovia accords making Dr. Pym and Hope criminals on the run.

Hope Van Dyne is working with her father to construct a bridge to the Quantum realm in hopes to save his wife that is trapped there. Hope is double crossed by a crooked arms dealer Sonny Burch (Walter Goggins) when she tries to purchase the final piece Dr Pym needs for the tunnel. As she becomes the Wasp and beats Sonny’s henchmen a mysterious figure shows up and tries to steal the component as well. This “ghost” can phase in and out and avoid hopes stings.


Scott is a few days from freedom of house arrest when he is grabbed by Hope since he holds the key to the location of Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) in the Quantum realm. Dr. Pym, Hope and Scott hide in the woods to finish the bridge and locate Janet. Scott calls Luis and tells him where he is so that they can finish a bid for their new security company to stay in business. Burch shows up and gets the info from Luis and makes a call to the FBI. Scott races home to beat the FBI there and Hope and Dr. Pym are taken into custody while the Ghost makes off with Pym’s lab and the Quantum tunnel.

After Scott breaks Dr. Pym and Hope out of jail, the three visit Dr. Bill Foster (Lawrence Fishburne), an old colleague of Pym’s and knows how to track down the radiation signal of the quantum tunnel. This reunion enlightens us the audience on the events that put Janet in the Quantum Realm and also tells us the back story of the Ghost whose real name is Ava. Foster is working with Ava to steal Pym’s technology in order to save her life. Ava’s phasing ability is going out of control because she is transitioning to the quantum realm and needs the tunnel to stabilize herself.

Ant Man, Wasp and Dr. Pym must race against time and Burch and his criminals to save Janet and hopefully help Ava. The best sequences in the film are the car chase scenes through San Francisco with things shrinking and growing including a giant “Hello Kitty” pez dispenser that took out a few of Burch’s goons. That being said, there are some enormous issues with the latest Marvel film. Ant Man and the Wasp seems to put Rudd’s character of Scott Lang in the corner, so the Wasp can lead the film. The film literally becomes Wasp and the Ant Man’s costume malfunction? Goggins is underwhelming as the heavy (knowing he can do much better as in Justified) and the security stooges (Pena, T.I. and David Dastmalchian) slapstick is overplayed in the film.

Finally, not to give up the end of the film, but for those of you that are still reeling from Infinity Wars…there are no answers in this film. Plus, Ant Man and the Wasp has one of the worst post credit scenes in Marvel cinematic history.

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic letting you know too many Ant Man films can spoil Marvels movie picnic! If you must see it, see it in 2D and at a bargain matinee!

Rating 2/6 cans of bug spray!


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