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Antropoid_filmResistance Has a Code Name

“Anthropoid” uncovers the incredible true story of the WWII “Operation Anthropoid”.  The operation consisted of exiled soldiers from Czechoslovakia banding-together to neutralize Hitler’s third-in-command, SS General Reinhard Heydrich (who is known for the Third Reich’s Final Solution).  The film follows these valiant soldiers as they attempt to plot an assassination attempt on SS General Heydrich after parachuting-into their homeland.  To survive, they must rely on the help and trust of others, living in-hiding and meeting in secret.  Following orders from England, they must use their skills and judgement to determine when to carry-out the secret mission.  However, their soldier lives intertwine with their personal ones, and an attack of duty becomes one of emotion and justice; knowing their success could change the fate of not only World War II, but also the World.

Cillian Murphy stars as Jozef Gabčík, one of the main Czechoslovakian parachutists.  Jamie Dornan stars as his partner in the jump, Jan Kubiš.  Anna Geislerová plays Lenka Fafková, a young woman who falls after Jozef.  Harry Lloyd plays another member of the resistance, Adolf Opalka.  Toby Jones plays one of the main conspirators of “Operation Anthropoid”, Jan Zelenka-Hajský.  Charlotte Le Bon plays Jan’s lover, Marie Kovárníková.  Bill Milner plays a young family member helping the resistance, At’a.  Alena Mihulova plays the woman hiding the parachutists, Mrs. Moracova.  Detlef Bothe plays the target of “Operation Anthropoid”, SS General Reinhard Heydrich.  Martin Dorocinski plays another conspirator, Ladislav Vanek.

“Anthropoid” is an uncomfortably-intense and harrowing look at what could have been one of the most influential moments of World War II.  The film succeeds large in-part due to the acting duo of Murphy and Dornan.  While Murphy does brilliantly, it’s Dornan who is given more range to prove his acting chops; and boy does he deliver!  The film is largely-based in historic fact (albeit with some liberties taken), but the action and suspense intertwine in such a way that completely elevates your heart rate!  Many of the film’s scenes will have you on the edge of your seat, especially the assassination attempt scene.  Set with a bleak and morose score and tone, “Anthropoid” is not here to cheer you up.  It’s here to recognize the bravery and unspeakable-courage of these 7 men, who fought for what they loved.  The film’s climactic scenes at the Orthodox Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius are relentless and tense, putting you directly into the battle these men faced.  As the credits begin to roll, the history of the events and their aftermath are scrolled across a black screen; as well as the names of the seven brave patriots.  The film’s action shots though are unfortunately choppy, with a lot of shaky-cam; as well as a few moments of lull as the film progresses.  “Anthropoid” has a run time of two hours in-which it not only entertains you, but also educates you on an important moment in World History.  The film is very entertaining and enjoyable, but while you’re enjoying the film you’ll also experience a wide-array of emotions; exactly how the filmmaker wanted.

“Anthropoid” follows the incredible true story in-which Czechoslovakian soldiers attempt to assassinate Hitler’s third-in-command, SS General Reinhard Heydrich.  The film features some tense and guerrilla-style film action scenes, strong performances, and a not quite so-well-known historical event.  If you are heading to the movies this weekend, I highly suggest seeing “Anthropoid”!!

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ANTHROPOID is rated R for violence and some disturbing images, in theaters AUGUST 12TH! 

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