Aquaman- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Jason Momoa- Arthur Curry/ Aquaman

Amber Heard- Mera

Willem Dafoe- Vulko

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II- Manta

Jason Momoa dives back into the role of the king of the seas in the new film “Aquaman”

Director James Wan (Furious 7, Saw) assembles an all-star supporting cast to help Jason Momoa show us the origin story of the Aquaman. Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison) is a lighthouse keeper and he discovers a body washed up on the rocks below. Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) injured as she escaped Atlantis running from an arranged marriage. Tom nurses her back to health and the two eventually fall in love. Atlanna gives birth to a boy, Arthur, the prince that will unite the undersea and above ground worlds. The King sends soldiers after Atlanna, but they fail to bring her back…instead she elects to return on her own to save Tom and Arthur from further attacks. Arthur develops the ability to talk to fish and when his is picked on at the aquarium, a great white shark tries to break through the glass and come to his rescue!

An adult Arthur as the Aquaman is back home following the events of Justice League protecting people from evil. Pirates land on a submarine led by a man called Mantis and his father Jesse (Michael Beach), killing the captain and some of the crew before the sub is forced to surface. Aquaman drops in and wastes the pirates before battling Manta. Arthur traps Jesse under a torpedo and beats down Manta as the sub takes on water. Manta pleads for help, Aquaman tells them” You killed innocents, ask the sea for help”. Manta escapes just as his father sets of an explosion.

Arthur has been secretly schooled in the ways of Atlantis by Vulko, friend of Atlanna and right hand to King Orm (Patrick Wilson), Arthurs younger brother. Vulko sends Mera from Atlantis to bring Arthur to Atlantis so he can explain Orm’s plans to unite the kingdoms of Atlantis and conquer the surface world as Ocean Master. Vulko tells Arthur to find the trident of King Atlan in the desert kingdom because only the true heir of Atlantis can wield the trident and the Atlantean people will follow the heir.

Arthur and Mera begin a global quest for the Trident and have to battle a vengeful Manta wanting payback for killing his father!

Aquaman is visually amazing reminding movie goers of what it was like when they saw Avatar for the first time, breathtaking! See it in 3D and you will think you are underwater swiming in Atlantis! Momoa’s snarky one liners make Aquaman a real-life hero. The Aquaman origin story and the Cain and Abel battle with Orm are entertaining and produce a future foe in Oceanmaster as well as an arch enemy in Black Manta.

The only negative I can give Aquaman is the refusal of DCU on cross promoting their films. There is no guest appearance by the Justice league or villain from Justice League.

Flickanalysis: 4/5 Tridents!


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