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It’s Morphin Time!

Saban’s “Power Rangers” opens millions of years ago, as the Rangers Team is attempting to thwart Rita Repulsa’s plan of destroying the World.   With only seconds to spare, Red Ranger, Zordon, buries the 5 stones with the hopes that they will be found by the next team of Rangers.  Forward to the present: we find ourselves Continue reading

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Tale as Old as Time

The great 1991 Disney-animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” receives an update this year with the live-action version.  Taking place in a small provincial town in France, a young woman named Belle is getting through day-by-day as each day is just like the previous.  After her father disappears while on a trip, she stumbles onto a nearby castle, one that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.  Its’ inhabitants have Continue reading


Kong : Skull Island- Karl Sides (the Flick

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Kong is forced to defend his turf in the new action flick Kong : Skull Island.

John Goodman and Corey Hawkins lead an all star cast on a journey to explore an uncharted island only to find that monsters are real! Kong : Skull Island also stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and John C Reilly in this latest entry into the giant gorilla tale.

Bill Randa (Goodman) and Houston Brooks (Hawkins) work for Monarch, a company that explores areas in search of the unexplained and to prove the existence of monsters. Rand convinces the US government to fund an exploration to an uncharted island known as Skull Island, an island in the south pacific that is surrounded by a perpetual hurricane. Randa and Hawkins hire Mason Weaver (Larson) a wartime photographer, James Conrad (Hiddleston) a tracker and requisitioned a military escort led by Sgt. Preston Packard (Jackson).

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All Hail the King

“Kong: Skull Island” brings us back to the infamous home of the great Kong, the aforementioned Skull Island.  As the film opens, the Vietnam War is coming to an end.  A small organization is pleading for a chance to look at this uncharted island in the South Pacific before everyone heads-home for good.  After saying the right words, this small group, known as Monarch, puts-together a Continue reading

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LOGAN review

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One Last Time

In “Logan” we find ourselves in the future, 2029, where Logan is attempting to live a “normal” life.  Working as a chauffeur by day, a rugged-and-weakened Logan spends his money securing necessary prescription drugs to keep Caliban and Professor Charles Xavier alive.  Living on an abandoned farm in Mexico, Charles is kept Continue reading