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Sausage Party posterCome Get Your Fill

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!  The geniuses behind such laugh-riots as “This Is the End”, “Superbad”, and “Pineapple Express” are back with another tale you won’t soon forget!  “Sausage Party” follows a group of foods inside of a local supermarket, as they are getting-ready for their hopeful ascension to the “Gods”.  Frank, a hot dog sausage, and his lady Brenda, a hot dog bun, are all-set to enter the Great Beyond Continue reading

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Suicide Squad posterWORST.  HEROES.  EVER.

Ever since its trailer premiered at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015, “Suicide Squad” has been as talked-about and anticipated as any other film.  The film picks-up after the events of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”; Amanda Waller sees the dark future heading their way and decides to do something about it.  She assembles Task Force X, a group or highly-trained individuals with unique skill-sets; the only problem is: most of them are criminals.  This suicide squad, consists of: Harley Quinn Continue reading

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BAD MOMS review

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Bad Moms posterParty Like a Mother

Take a look back at your life; isn’t it incredible how much of an impact your mom had on your as you grew up?  But did you ever think what it was like in their shoes?  Well, thanks to the new comedy “Bad Moms”, they’ve done it for you.  The film follows a young mother, Amy, with two kids as she balances her career with an endless number of extra-curricular activities.  Between PTA meetings Continue reading


Jason Bourne- Karl Sides “The Flick Fanatic”

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bourne poster

Bourne is back to clean up the CIA again!

Matt Damon is back in the role he made famous as the soldier turned black ops assassin, Jason Bourne. After ridding the CIA of their latest super secret assassin program “Blackbriar” with the help of Pamela Landy and Nikki Parsons (Julia Stiles), Bourne disappeared of the grid. Parsons left the agency as well and turned computer hacker with the aim of taking down the rest of the agency assassin programs.

Bourne surfaced in the beginning of the film in Greece in a sort of “fight club” making money and self punishment for all those he killed for Treadstone/Blackbriar. He was keeping a low profile until Parsons shows up at one of Jason’s fight with agency operatives right behind her.

The CIA is headed up by new director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) and his prodigy, a cyber expert named Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander)who planted a virus in the files Nikki stole and manage to track her to the meeting with Jason Bourne. Dewey is lit up and calls out his “asset” (Vincent Cassel) to go after Parsons and Bourne.

Nikki explains to Jason he is still missing things in his past including his father being the one that started Treadstone. The Asset kills Parsons during a Greek protest riot as her and Jason tried to escape. Jason grabbed a locker key that held the drive with the stolen CIA files.  Jason digs into them and begins to remember his past and discovers that he was recruited for the program and his father was killed when he opposed his son being brought in. Dewey was the one responsible and now the target for Bourne.

“Jason Bourne” is a very good ending for the franchise, really how many evil CIA directors are there? Bourne features one of the best hand to hand fights in any of the films between Damon and Cassel. There is a side story featuring an app launch that the CIA wants to use to spy on people that is just a distraction to all the action that is Jason Bourne!

If you are a fan of the franchise, go see Jason Bourne this weekend and have a fun thrill ride that Damon and director Paul Greengrass planned for everyone! I hope this is where the story ends….all his past is revealed and he is vanishing for good. Bourne goes out on top!

Running time 134 mins.

Rated R (Violence, Language)

Rating: 4.5/6

Jason Bourne (2016) bourne2 bourne1

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NERVE review

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Nerve posterAre You a Watcher or a Player?

In today’s society, technology has completely taken-over.  Just look at the latest social-game that’s taken the World by storm, Pokémon Go for example.  “Nerve” attempts to capitalize on our youth’s obsession with social media interaction; a new game that’s gone viral allows players to earn money as they complete dares from anonymous strangers, who represent the second option: watchers.  Vee is Continue reading