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BAD MOMS review

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Take a look back at your life; isn’t it incredible how much of an impact your mom had on your as you grew up?  But did you ever think what it was like in their shoes?  Well, thanks to the new comedy “Bad Moms”, they’ve done it for you.  The film follows a young mother, Amy, with two kids as she balances her career with an endless number of extra-curricular activities.  Between PTA meetings, soccer, bake sales, and caring for every need of her children, Amy is beyond exhausted.  After her husband is caught “cheating”, she’s on her own.  Struggling to keep her life together, she removes-herself from the PTA at her children’s school; little did she know, creating enemies in the process.  As these enemies tear-down her children’s lives, Amy makes a few friends and decides to end the torment; she is going to run for PTA president!  Her opponent, Gwendolyn, will use ever possible tactic to derail Amy’s run and solidify her position as the most powerful person in the school.  The rest of the film shows how badly moms want to have a good time too!

Mila Kunis stars as the mother-of-focus, Amy.  Kathryn Hahn plays a single-mother at the school, Carla.  Kristen Bell plays an innocent and shelter mom named Kiki.  Christina Applegate plays the powerful and conniving PTA President, Gwendolyn.  Jada Pinkett Smith plays Gwendolyn’s right-hand woman, Stacy.  Annie Mumolo is the third wheel of their clique, as Vicky.  Oona Laurence and Emjay Anthony plays Amy’s kids, Jane and Dylan.  David Walton plays Amy’s clueless husband, Mike.  Clark Duke as a brief role as Amy’s boss, Dale Kiper.  Jay Hernandez plays a single-father at the school named Jessie.  Wendell Pierce plays the school’s principal, Principal Burr.  Leah McKendrick and Megan Ferguson have small roles as mothers at the school, Sharon and Tessa.  Lyle Brocato plays Kiki’s husband, Kent.

I brought my mom with me to “Bad Moms” hoping for a bunch of laughs and a good time; and while it fulfilled all of my expectations, it also made me appreciate my mom even more!  As you would expect, the brightest aspect of the film is its comedy!  As we’ve seen lately, when you fill a film with a bunch of funny people you’re going to get a great outcome; but “Bad Moms” finds humor in every plotline and line of dialog.  Whether its jokes about the efforts of fathers or poking fun at life occurrences, the jokes land big and will have you gasping for air at moments. Both the main cast and the supporting offer their own style of comedy, each delivering laugh-after-laugh.  What could have just been empty laughs, thanks to heartfelt messages and sincere appreciation for even life’s darkest moments, ends-up as something much greater and leads to a well-rounded film with plenty of laughs and heart.  In-case you’re planning on going with a family member, you’ve been warned; there are plenty of awkward conversations and moments, such as: uncircumcised penises, anal sex, depression, and plenty more.  “Bad Moms” has a run time of 101 minutes and it keeps you laughing from start to finish.  Moviegoers will find plenty of moments throughout the film to connect-with as well; the only question is which moments!  Also, be sure to stick around for the credits for a nice, heartwarming surprise!

“Bad Moms” follows a mother fed-up with life and she’s determined to make things easier; all while giving her kids the very best.  The film features plenty of laughs, life lessons, and uncomfortable moments.  If you are looking for laughs this weekend, go see “Bad Moms”!!   

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BAD MOMS is rated R for sexual material, full frontal nudity, language throughout, and drug and alcohol content, in theaters JULY 29TH!

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