Bill and Ted Face the Music- The Flick Fanatics (Karl)



Keanu Reeves- Ted

Alex Winter- Bill

William Sadler- Death

Strange things are afoot in San Dimas once again when Bill and Ted Face the Music!

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return as Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan or Wyld Stallyns in the third installment “Face the Music”. Its been nearly 3 decades since we saw Bill and Ted time traveling with Death (Sadler) in “Bogus Journey” and they are still struggling to write “the song” that will unite the world. Wyld Stallyns have gone from stadiums shows to Tuesday Taco nights and even played Bill’s brother Deacon’s wedding to Missy (Amy Stoch)! Yes, Missy made her way through Bills dad, Ted’s dad and finally Deacon (Beck Bennett) which tangled both family trees like a grape vine!!! Chief Logan (Hal Landon Jr.) still thinks Ted and his bandmate Bill are nuts and didn’t travel through time, go to hell or need to write a song to save the world! Bill and Ted, now married to the princess’ (Erinn Hayes, Jayma Mays), have daughters that are carbon copies of their fathers and into music and all things Wyld Stallyns, but are faced with the reality that they may never write the song and have to get real jobs.

The Universe is under the watchful eye of “The Great Leader” (Holland Taylor) or as Rufus (The Late George Carlin) referred to them as “those groovy future dudes”, with Rufus’ wife in charge. The Great Leader sends her daughter Kelly(Kristin Schaal) to San Dimas to bring back Bill and Ted and explain the urgency to get the song written. Kelly brings back the boys who greet the Great Leader with “Be Excellent to each other”. The Leader explains that the entire timeline and universe are imploding and will end at 7:28 pm that day. Famous figures are popping in and out of time as the deadline draws near.

Bill and Ted hijack a phone booth to travel into the future to get the song after they have written it. Ted stops, “Isn’t that Stealing?” with Bill responding “its not stealing if we take it from ourselves!”. As Bill and Ted skipped ahead in time, Kelly went back to San Dimas to find the boys only to have Billie and Thea hijack her pod and travel back in time to get a band together to help their Dads record the song and save the universe. The Girls gather up music legends Jimi Hendrix (Damann Still), Louis Armstrong (Jeremiah Craft), Mozart and Ling Lun (Sharon Gee) to back up DJ Kid Cudi and the Wyld Stallyns.

Bill and Ted make numerous stops into the future meeting themselves and having their future selves try to trick them into turning in a Foo Fighters song as their own. They even break into Dave Grohl’s house! As the guys skip through the future, the Great Leader realizes that Wyld Stallyns are not going to write the song and the only way to save the universe is to send a killer robot back to kill Bill and Ted!

Bill and Ted must navigate time, the pressure of writing a song to save the world and dodge a killer android and make it back to San Dimas in time to save everyone or cease to exist.


Bill and Ted Face the music is a very good ending to the Bill and Ted saga, featuring a good story, some returning supporting actors from the original films including Death who just wants back in the band, awesome historic figures and a great soundtrack. I liked the fact that Rufus’ family is in charge of the time continuum and we get to see Rufus in hologram form in the future. Face the music hits a sour note when it comes to laughs after the first 30 mins of the film. The closing credits features a final performance from Wyld Stallyns and closes out the Bill and Ted story on a very good note.