BLOODSHOT- The FlickFanatics (Karl S.)



Vin Diesel- Ray Garrison/ Bloodshot

Guy Pierce- Dr. Emil Harting

Eliza Gonzalez- KT

Vin Diesel goes from soldier to weapon in the latest comic book adaptation “BLOODSHOT”.

Ray Garrison was a soldier that always seemed to come back from the most difficult missions, sometimes wounded but always comes back to his wife Gina (Talulah Riley). The latest mission was to rescue a hostage from Taliban terrorists. Garrison confronts the gunman and with a simple deception he is able to shoot the bad guy in the head and save the hostage. Ray takes Gina to the Amalfi coast on leave but his vacation is cut short when soldiers try to drug him only to have Garrison beat them down. As he ran out of the hotel to find his wife, he bumps into a man who turns out to be the leader of the troops trying to capture Ray.

Ray is unhooded bound to a chair revealing the psychopath who kidnapped him and brought in his wife Gina as well. Martin Axe (Toby Kebbell) asks Garrison how he got the location of the hostage only to have Ray explain he goes where he is sent and had no idea who found the location. Ax dancing to the song “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads walks over and kills Gina infuriating Ray. Garrison tells Ax that he will find him and he will kill him. Ax pulls a gun out and shoots Garrison.

Ray wakes up in a sort of hospital room not knowing why or how he got there. Dr. Emil Harting (Pierce) explains to Ray that he died and was brought back by the doctor using nanobots in his blood. Rays new name is Bloodshot and with the nanobots has the ability to heal from any injury. Dr. Hartings other successful augment person KT (Gonzalez) who breathes through an automated port in her chest, give ray the tour and explains what Dr Harting is about.

KT and Ray have a shot of Tequila when his memory returns and Garrison remembers Ax and his wife’s murder. Dr Harting input a commlink in Garrison’s head and ray uses it to track do Ax who was being moved by a small army (10) of mercenaries. Bloodshot traps all of them in a tunnel and begins to take out the soldiers one by one. Bloodshot finally gets to Ax after taking a few hundred bullets only to have the nanobots fix him as he fought ultimately killing Ax. Garrison returns to the lab to recharge his nanobots in a type of transfusion, and discovers nothing is as it seems with Dr. Harting, his the infuse soldiers and his wife’s murder!

Vin Diesel coasts through this stereotypical action flick using the same wardrobe he does in the fast and Furious franchise. Bloodshot has a lot of action, contains a great chase through the city and a slobber knocker fight all over an exterior elevator. Bloodshot fails miserably with the story and script, it is horrible and contains huge plot holes. Pierce is the only other familiar face in the film and the supporting actors are just average.

Vin Diesel should stick with playing a tree or street racer!

The Flickanalysis Grade is 2/5 stars