BOOKSMART- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Kaitlyn Dever- Amy

Beanie Feldstein- Molly

Jessica Williams- Miss Fine

Jason Sudeikis- Principal Brown

Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein discover there is more to high school than good grades in the new comedy “BOOKSMART”

Director Olivia Wilde (House) brings us the latest teen angst comedy about best friends that have their futures all planned out until they find that they are missing out on all the fun of growing up.

Amy (Dever) and Molly (Feldstein) have been friends forever and now as they are about to make the jump to college from high school, they find out they have been missing out on life experience having their heads buried in books. Molly is the class president and is trying to transition student council business with Principal Brown (Sudeikis) who is just happy to have survived the year! Amy is getting ready to spend the summer in Africa on a mission before college. Amy and Molly are both accepted by Ivy league colleges and are progressing on their path that leads to political and successful careers.

The rest of the student body was ready to party and Nick the class jock is having the party of the year. Amy and Molly have never been to a party, so why start now? Molly confronts the class partiers to be shocked that they are all accepted to prestigious colleges! How did this happen because none of them took school seriously? Molly decides that her and Amy were going to cram 3 years of partying into one night before graduation.

Amy and Molly tell Amy’s parents (Lisa Kudrow and Will Forte) that they are sleeping over at Molly’s house when in fact the are set to party all night. The night starts with the girls Ubering with Principal Brown to party after party trying to find the location of Nicks big event. after a failed ride with a questionable pizza delivery driver they have one call left and must get a ride so Molly calls their favorite teacher Ms. Fine who goes to the party with the girls!

The adventure just gets started with the girls’ journey to finding fun before graduation, they find the party and start a journey of self-discovery that will mold who they are in college.

Booksmart is a funny film that takes on High School head on with all the angst and issues that kids must deal with only to do it with humor for the most part. Sudeikis is hilarious and Devers and Feldstein are solid in the lead roles.

Flickanalysis: 4/5 stars (kids and kids at heart should see this film!)

Rated R (Sexual references, drugs, language)