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I Go Back to America!  Very Nice!

It’s been 14 years since Borat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen) came to America and started a cultural revolution for Kazakhstan. While life has considerably changed in the USA, it’s been even harder on Borat. He was sentenced to life in prison and working in a labor camp. That is until the USA has a new President that has shown to ally-with dangerous World leaders. The Premier of Kazakhstan sees this as an opportunity to restore their country’s glory and he frees Borat on one condition: that he deliver a gift to Vice Premier Michael Pence. After arriving in the States, he is shocked to open the crate containing Pence’s gift. Rather than it containing Kazakhstan’s Johnny the Monkey, it instead features Borat’s daughter Sandra Jessica Parker Sagdiyev (Maria Bakalova) (who had eaten the monkey). Once realizing he’d face a similar fate of his good pal Azamat (execution), he must turn his daughter into the gift and save his own skin.

When 2006’s “Borat” hit theaters, little was known about the Kazakh reporter character in Cohen’s arsenal. However, now he is very much a well-known character is American folklore. It was quite comical seeing the scenes where he was recognized in public (and I remember seeing the footage on TMZ as well). But while the original film served as a playful comedy, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” is hardly playful. While the humor is absolutely present, the sequel tackles some very serious and relevant subjects such as racism, misogyny, and the downfall of the American public. While the laughs our present, some things are just too painful not to recognize. The presence of racism and hatred is powerfully shown, though incredibly sad and unfortunate and the misogynistic ideals are things experienced around the World still to this day. Cohen’s brilliance at undercover antics is unmatched and he proves just that on numerous occasions. His interruption at Michael Pence’s NRA speech was not only inventive, but dangerous. As was his singing appearance at an America First rally which went viral a few months ago. While those were all clever and smart, nothing can prepare you for his biggest sucker yet: Rudy Giuliani. His daughter, in-disguise as a Right media reporter, conducts an interview with Giuliani in a hotel room in-preparation to offer herself to him to save her father’s life. After a brief interruption to sway Sandra’s mind, Borat is kicked out of the interview room.

Afterwards, she invited Giuliani to her bedroom for a drink. After removing his microphone, he is seen lying-down with a hand down his pants “adjusting” (shirt or other, you be the judge) and some awkward hand placement on her lower back. Before things became too incriminating, Borat breaks-in and interrupts; leaving the two of them on the run with a “shocked” Giuliani left in the hotel with his team. While certain to and already making headlines, this is one segment you absolutely MUST see.

“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” will be available for ALL to stream on Amazon Prime on October 23rd, 10 days before the Election. While there is nothing incriminating involving anyone on the ticket, the film polarizingly-showcases the dangers of politics in today’s society and just how ridiculous and divisive they have become. This time around though, Borat tackles important issues and shows why his powers are so badly needed in 2020. While the film struggles at times, its highlights salvage the “gotcha” film and truly makes it more important than its predecessor. If you were not of a fan of 2006’s “Borat”, don’t expect to find anything here for you. But if you’re someone liked me and had a blast with the original (and the rest of Sacha Baron Cohen’s impressive resume), than this film is not to be missed!


BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM is rated R for pervasive strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, and language, now streaming on AMAZON PRIME!