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Brie Larson- Carol Danvers/ Vers/Captain Marvel

Samuel L Jackson- Nick Fury

Jude Law- Yon-Rogg

Ben Mendelsohn- Talos

Brie Larson goes from test pilot to interstellar warrior in the latest Marvel epic, Captain Marvel.

By now everyone should have seen Avengers Infinity Wars (numerous times) and saw Nick Fury signal a pager before he was dusted by Thanos. Now Marvel is explaining what that Star symbol on the pager means……he called Captain Marvel!

Vers (Brie Larson) is a Cree warrior hero that has been assigned by her commander Yon-Rogg (Law) to a rescue mission to extract a spy before their mortal enemy, the Skrull, discover him. The Skrull are green skinned aliens that have the ability to shape shift into any person down to the person’s DNA. They only retain short term memories of the being the copy, so an older question can expose them. The mission turns out to be a Skrull trap and they capture Vers and begin examining her mind for clues to a power source that will provide the Skrull with a light speed engine.

Vers has no past but does get glimpses of a history that involves the Cree’s leader, the Supreme Intelligence (Annett Bening) and flying a plane on a strange planet. Vers also has a unique ability with photon blasts that come from her hands. The Skrull tap into her mind and discover that Ver’s dreams are actually bits of her real past on Earth! Her name is Carol Danvers, a test pilot working with Mar-Vell a Cree scientist working with the Tesseract as a power source for light speed engine.

On a test flight they are shot down by an alien ship that turns out to be piloted by Yon Rogg. Danvers blows up the engine to keep it from Rogg and ends up having her body absorb the energy blast that gave her the proton blasting hands.

Danvers escapes the Skrull ship in an escape pod and heads to Earth to track down Mar-Vell’s experiment and het the power source. She crashes to earth into a Blockbuster video store. She breaks into a radio shack and establishes communication with her Cree team and tells them she is on Earth and they are about to be invaded by the Cree. Strange events like these bring out S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury (Jackson) and his rookie partner Coulson (Clark Gregg). Fury and Coulson trail Danvers as she finds a Skrull in the person of an old woman and fight in a crowded train, with the alien succumbing to a blast from Carol.

Fury believes Danvers now that he has seen a Skrull with his own eyes and helps the Cree warrior hero trace her history and find Mar-Vell’s lab. Yon-Rogg alerts Ronan (Lee Pace) that Earth is under Skrull invasion so he and the Accusers (a hit squad for the Cree) can come and clear the planet of Skrull and most people. Fury discovers his boss is actually the Skrull leader Talos (Mendelsohn) who tells Danvers and Fury that the Skrull only want the light speed engine to find a home for their people and that the Cree are the ones trying to eliminate their species.

Danvers and Fury must find out what the actual truth is and who is the enemy here while trying to get to the Tesseract first.

Captain Marvel is another hit by Marvel and a vital lynch pin in the MCU explaining events that date back to the first Iron man and Thor! Brie Larson is great as the earthing turned alien warrior and the introduction of the Skrull is long overdue. There are a lot of familiar faces in this 90’s era film, with a younger version of Fury and Coulson plus Ronan and Korath (DjimonHounsou) from Guardians or the Galaxy. The “person” that steals the film is Goose the cat…..really a tentacled alien in disguise as the furry feline, but hilarious in the film.

Be sure to get in your seat early as there is a special tribute to Stan Lee before the film gets going and keep an eye peeled for one of Stan’s final cameos in the movie. So, by now you are asking what about the page to Captain Marvel? Stick around until the theater lights come on so you don’t miss the critical scene that lead our newest heroine to Avengers:Endgame!

Flickanalysis rating:4/5 stars


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