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Inferno- Karl Sides “The Flick Fanatic”

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Tom Hanks is back as Prof. Robert Langdon embroiled in a mystery that can bring the end of humanity in the new thriller “Inferno”.
Ron Howard returns with his star Tom Hanks for the third installment of the Dan Brown Book series ”Inferno”, that follows Prof. Robert Langdon as he solves mysteries before a plague is released on the world killing 75% of the world population. Inferno co-stars Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Ben Foster in the race against time on the streets of Venice Italy.
Bertrand Zoberist (Foster) a environmental radicalist that speaks on humanity’s genocide from overpopulation. To make an impact on the world, Zoberist planned to release a bio-weapon on the world killing ¾ of the people on the planet. Before he can be arrested Zoberist leaped to his death. Bertrand left clues to the location of the bomb, if they can be deciphered.
Professor Robert Langdon (Hanks) wakes in an Italian hospital days after being on campus at his college and no clue why or how he got there. Dr Sienna Brooks (Jones) taking care of Langdon and explained that he was grazed by a bullet on his head and has amnesia. As Langdon starts to put the pieces back together an Italian police woman stormed the hospital and began shooting at Langdon. Dr. Brooks takes Langdon to her apartment where they could get the professor some clothes and Langdon could figure out the first clue to find Inferno. Langdon finds a tube in his clothes and finds a micro projector hidden inside. The secret is a picture of Dante’s Inferno and levels of Hell. Only in this picture there are letters added to the portrait and when Langdon is able to decipher the letters it takes him to Istanbul and a museum that has Dante’s mask.
We should say it had Dante’s mask and when the museum curator looks at the video and discovers Langdon and his associate stealing the mask! Langdon still feeling the effects of amnesia doesn’t know why he stole the mask but promised to return it. Langdon and Dr Brooks in tow now follow the clues to Venice Italy ahead of the World Health agency, the police and Harry Sims (Khan) who is trying to kill Langdon.
Inferno is a very good film and if you were a fan of the previous two Brown films (Da Vinci Code, Angles and Demons) you will love Inferno. Fans of the novel will have a different opinion. Hollywood took A LOT of creative licensing with Inferno and it is loosely compared to the movie. But in the end there are multiple twists in the story and Hanks doesn’t know who to trust from the World Health Agency (Omar Sy, Sidse Babett Knudsen) as time closes in and the inferno virus is set to release.
I am Karl the Flick Fanatic putting the clues together to solve the puzzle that is inferno, go check out this thrilling mystery at a bargain matinee this weekend, and leave the novel on the shelf!

Rating: 3/6

Rated PG-13

Running Time: 115 mins



The Accountant- Karl Sides “The Flick”

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Affleck, Simmons, Bernthal and Kendrick all “add up” to a great film in “The Accountant”

Ben Affleck directs and stars in the new film surrounding a boy with a form of autism that also allows him to be a mathematics expert and would grow up to be ‘The Accountant”. Affleck has surrounded himself with a stellar supporting cast of J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal and Anna Kendrick in this tale of mathematical justice.

Christian Wolff (Affleck) was born with a form of autism that made him susceptible to loud noises, lights and would infuriate him if he isn’t able to finish what he started. Christian had a younger brother Brax (Bernthal) who was his only friend growing up in a military family. After speaking with a therapist that explained Christian’s ticks to his parents and how he could grow to lead a normal life. While this was going on young Christian was putting a complex jigsaw puzzle together upside-down in minutes! After his mother abandoned the family Christian’s father took the army way to raising the boys. Loyalty, family and honor first.

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The Girl on the Train- Karl Sides “The Flick Fanatic”

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Emily Blunt is an emotional “train wreck” as she rides the train every day and ends up in the middle of a murder investigation in the new thriller, “Girl on the Train”.

Rachel (Emily Blunt), a recently divorced unemployed alcoholic, who rides the train into NYC each day stalking her ex-husband’s new wife and child and watches the picture perfect couple a few houses down. Tom (Justin Theroux) and Rachel failed at having a child, and Rachel turned to the bottle to cope with the failure to conceive. Her alcoholism cost Rachel her marriage, Tom his job, and eventually her job. Tom fell in love with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson), a real estate agent, whom he had been cheating with for two years while dealing with Rachel.

Rachel would constantly call Tom and even showed up at his house one day and was walking away with his child when Anna woke up. Rachel would fantasize about the other couple who were in love as she rode on the train and doodled in her book. One morning Rachel saw the blonde woman on the balcony of her home kissing another man. After downing a lot of booze, an infuriated Rachel made an abusive video for Tom and rode the train home…..this time though she got off at her old neighborhood to set this woman straight.

Megan (Haley Bennett), the woman Rachel was watching, was not happily married. She was faking her way through.  Megan explained how she really wasn’t in love with her husband, thought of herself as a whore, and had no desire to be a mother. Megan’s husband arranged for her to help Anna and Tom with their baby in hopes she would change her mind about getting pregnant. Megan would flirt with her therapist (Edgar Ramirez) and he was the one Rachel saw kissing Megan from the train!

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Birth of a Nation- Karl Sides “The Flick Fanatic”

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Nate Parker stars, directs and even wrote the screenplay for the new film about the slave rebellion in Virginia led by Nat Turner called “Birth of a Nation”

Years before the civil war erupted, a young boy named Nat Turner was growing up on the Turner plantation (slaves took the last name of their owner as they were property). Nat was raised by his mother after his father ran off to avoid being lynched after killing a slave hunter when he was caught stealing food. Nat would also take books from the main house and taught himself how to read. Elizabeth Turner (Penelope Ann Miller) found out about Nat and instructed his mother to send him to the main house and he would be taught properly. Mrs. Turner gave Nat a bible to read and study.

Nat grew into a young man and began to preach to the other slaves on the plantation. Following his father’s death, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer)took over the farm. Mrs. Elizabeth left to live with her daughter Catherine and her new husband on a neighboring property. As a gift Samuel, after being prodded by Nat, bought a slave girl Cherry (Aja Naomi King) to serves as a house girl for Catherine (Katie Garfield). Nat was infatuated with Cherry and would take every opportunity to go to see Cherry. Nat would eventually marry Cherry as they jumped the broom. Cherry still remained at the other farm with Catherine.

Word got out about the Turner farm and how there was never any issue with the slaves there. Rev. Zalthall (Mark Boone Jr.) suggested to Samuel that he take his slave preacher to other farms to help get their slaves in line. This would generate the much needed money for Samuel to keep the farm. Drought was keeping crop numbers down and putting the crunch on the farmers. Nat agreed and then got his first look at what slave life was like at other farms under abusive owners.  One such farm had a slaver force feeding his slave who had refused to eat by chiseling out his teeth and putting a funnel down his throat.  I could barely watch parts of this film because there were brutally gruesome. There were whippings, beatings, rape and murders, this all before Nat decides to rebel.

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Deepwater Horizon- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatic)

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Wahlberg and Russell bring the greatest oil disasters in US history to the big screen in “Deepwater Horizon”

Peter Berg directs this tale of the crew of the BP oil drilling platform “Deepwater Horizon” with corporate cost cutting, accelerating timelines and faulty/failing equipment as the platform fails. Mark Wahlberg stars as Mike Williams, the crewmember that is responsible for patching the equipment and keeping the station working. The captain referred to as “Mr. Jimmy” is Jimmy Harrell played by Kurt Russell, who calls the BP officials on their negligence and insists on test before the DWH moves on to a new drilling location.

April 2010, Mike Williams (Wahlberg), Mr. Jimmy (Russell) and Andrea Fleytas (Gina Rodriguez) are aboard a helicopter in route to their job, a crew on the BP Oil drilling platform Deepwater Horizon. The Deepwater Horizon is located about 10 mile of the Louisiana coast and is in the final stages of drilling out the mud from the ocean floor before it moves on to a new location. Jimmy finds out the BP executives cancelled a concrete test, a test crucial to the stability of the station, and he is furious. Jimmy insists on a negative pressure test to see if the concrete base on the ocean floor is going to hold. Mike Williams (Wahlberg) agrees and begins to rifle off all the things broken at the station when asked by Vidrine (John Malkovich) as the BP folks thinks the crew were just dragging their feet. There is cautious and then there is careless.

The crew does the negative test and the results show pressure, but no mud is coming up the pipe. So Vidrine is satisfied, but Jimmy is not. Vidrine agrees to run another pressure test on the auxiliary line. As the test is being done, there are ripples on the ocean floor and the pressure red lines and mud is spewed out of the pipe all over the DWH. The crew tried to shut down the pipes and normalize the pressure, but there are gas alarms everywhere just as the plat form explodes.

Now the crew is on a Oil rig, 10 miles into the ocean and it’s on fire. Jimmy, who was in the shower at the time of the explosion, trying to feel his way to the command center with glass in his face and one eye swollen shut. Mike and the surviving crew try to get to the lifeboats. Mike gets an injured crewmate on the boat and goes back for Jimmy and Andrea. When he returns to the launch area, he sees that the boats have left him and Andrea on the burning rig.

Deepwater Horizon is an exciting thrill ride and should be seen on the big screen, I even recommend spending the big bucks for the IMAX version. Deepwater Horizon also stars Kate Hudson as Williams wife (in a film with her step-father for the first time). All the monitors and equipment in the film are accurate and Mike Williams and Jimmy Harrell themselves were on set to consult.


I am Karl the Flick Fanatic, and I am telling you to catch the adrenaline rush that is Deepwater Horizon this weekend!