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FIST FIGHT- Karl Sides (the Flick

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Charlie Day and Ice Cube go to blows on the last day of school in the new comedy “Fist Fight? 

Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) is an English teacher at the local high school, married with a daughter and expecting his second child in a few months. Andy is stressing on his way in for the last day of school about his interview and if he will be retained for the next year. Andy’s fellow teachers also trying to survive the final day with Coach Crawford (Tracy Morgan) supervising some students lining the soccer field to look like a penis ejaculating on a women’s breasts, while Holly (Jillian Bell) tries to sleep with the star quarterback.

Strickland (Ice Cube) is a no nonsense teacher that has no time for pranks and intends to teach his students through fear until the final bell. Strickland catches Campbell in the hallway and has him come help him with an antique VCR so he can show a civil war film to his class. Andy realizes Strickland is being pranked by his class and tells him only to have strickland take an axe to the students desk!

Principal Tyler (Dean Norris) brings in Campbell and Strickland and tells them, ”Someone is getting fired for this, and if no one steps up….I will fire you both!” Andy Immediately rats on Strickland andTyler fires him. As the teachers leave Strickland tells Campbell “3pm….parking lot…..IT’S ON!” The teacher fight immediately goes viral and is the buzz of the town. Andy can’t make the fight because his interview is at 2:15 and his daughter’s talent show is at 2:30, there is no way to make the fight.

The kids continue to spend the last day pulling senior pranks like parking the principal’s car in the school and painting it pink, glue teacher’s desks upside down, rig the halls with paint bombs and baby oil, they even let a horse loose!!!

The big payoff of the film is the fight that does happen in the end, but Ice Cube and Day take us through the longest school day in history to get there. With this cast and Tracy Morgan is the only funny person in the film is troubling. Jillian Bell is just a waste in the film and her character is simply stupid. Cube and Day have both been better in comedic roles but this one will leave audiences in detention. The best scene in the film is when Day and Alexa Nisenson (his daughter Ally) perform Big Sean’s song “I Don’t F**k With You” to a horrified audience at the elementary school!

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic giving “Fist Fight” an F! Not even the child rapping and stupid pranks can get this film a passing grade!

Rated R (Language, drugs, violence and brief nudity)
Running time 91 mins


FIFTY SHADES DARKER- Kathy Kaiser (Matinee Chat)

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Fifty Shades Darker

Rated R (1hr 58 min)

Starring Jamie Dorman, Dakota Johnson, Marcia Gay Harden, Kim Bassinger and Eric Johnson

Back for the next installment in this Fifty Shades ménage a trois – it seems that Christian Grey (Jamie Dorman) and his lost love Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) have decided to rekindle their romance, but with a few new rules that must be abided by.

When Anastasia starts working for a totally hunky new boss by the name of Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Christian’s jealous ways appear, forcing her to reevaluate their relationship yet again.

As Christian and Anastasia wade through the trials and tribulations of their new sorted relationship, it seems that while Christian tries to uphold the “good guy” persona Anastasia prefers, it might just be that Ms. Steele is becoming more intrigued by, and available to Christian’s sadistic tendencies after all.
But what about all those women from Christian’s past that keep appearing back in his life? It seems they all want to make sure that this passionate love affair these two love birds have rekindled, might just not play out in the end.

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Vin Diesel is back from the dead as adrenalin junkie Xander Cage in XXX:The Return of Xander Cage!

“X takes care of it’s own”

Augustus Gibbons (Samuel Jackson) is back at it again recruiting extreme athletes to work in his covert special forces team, XXX. While having lunch with soccer star Neymar, a satellite crashed into the restaurant supposedly killing them both.

Jane Marke (Toni Collette), head of the CIA, briefs her team that they are dealing with “Pandora’s box”, a device that locates satellite orbiting the earth and crashes them to earth to a precise location like a missile. The meeting is disrupted by a team of extreme athlete’s (Donnie Yen, Deepika Padukone and Tony Ja) that take the box. Marke has to find someone that can walk through a hurricane and can get the box back and avenge Gibbons’ death.

We find Xander Cage (Diesel) laying low in the Dominican Republic stealing electronics for the local bar to get satellite feeds for the locals to watch soccer. Cage is XXX, so his escape is breath taking, from down hill skiing through the jungle to break neck skateboarding down the crowded highways. Marke tries to set him up, only to have Cage laugh at the attempt. She tell him Gibbons is dead and the mission is to get Pandora’s box back.

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THE FOUNDER- Karl Sides “The Flick”

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Michael Keaton is Ray Kroc, the “Big Mac” in the story of a fast food legend in The Founder.

Ray Kroc (Keaton), a traveling salesman trying to sell mix-master shake machines to restaurants in the midwest. That is until he gets a sale from a burger stand in California for 10 machines! Kroc travels down route 66 to meet the McDonald brothers (Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch) at their restaurant where they have perfected the hamburger and serve hundreds in minutes.

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Allied- Karl Sides (the Flick

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Pitt and Cotillard are spies in WWII taking on Nazis in the new thriller “Allied”.

Max Vatan (Pitt) is an army intelligence officer in 1942 that is sent to Nazi occupied North Africa to meet with a French resistance fighter and assassinate a Nazi general. Max is tod by his local contact to look for the woman in a purple dress that will be his wife.
Vatan walks in to the club and sees Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard) and walks up and she kisses him! Marianne greets this stranger as her husband on vacation from his job in Paris, there to spend 5 weeks with his wife. Vatan and Beausejour have a drink, dance and make their exit as Max explains it has been awhile since he has been with his wife.

When Max and Marianne arrive at her apartment and she explains how things work in Casablanca. Married couples make love in the apartment and then the man goes up and sleeps on the roof where its cooler. Marianne joins him up on the roof for a goodnight kiss to show anyone watching that they are indeed a married couple in love. This way they don’t blow their cover and endanger their mission.
Marianne and Max succeed with their mission and kill the Nazi general and a few soldiers as well and get away. Max asks Marianne to come back to London with him and they get married for real. Beausejour agrees but has to stay behind for a few weeks until she is cleared to come to England. Max married Marianne and they have a child together. Everything is going well and Vatan goes in to meet with his supervisor about a promotion only to be thrown into an interrogation!

Vatan is told by a section leader that his wife is believed to be a Nazi spy!

Max is aggravated by the accusation after Marianne cleared all the government background checks. He also pointed out she help him kill high ranking Nazi leaders, only to have the army tell him Hitler wanted them dead. Vatan is ordered to plant some false intelligence and see if it shows up in Nazi radio broadcasts over the weekend. Max is ordered to kill Marianne if she is found to be a Nazi spy!
Allied is a good suspense tale of wartime espionage. Cotillard is sold as always in her role of the supposed spy. Pitt was good but his appearance is n issue, as he looks like his face was either botoxed or computer age corrected….either way he looks bad. Allied story is solid but the pace is as slow as the war!

I am Karl the flick fanatic, your mission is to go to an early matinee and enjoy “Allied”.

Rated R (Language, Violence. Sexual Situation)

Running Time: 124 mins

Rating: 3/6