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CONCUSSION by Karl “the Flick Fanatic”

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Will Smith scores a touchdown against the NFL in the new film “Concussion”

Football in the seventies was referred to as “smash-mouth” due to the vicious hits the players took. Teams and players adopted nicknames when they consistently laid out there opponents like the Pittsburgh Steelers “steel curtain” defense led by “Mean Joe” Green. Players would take the hit and hit the smelling salts and come right back into the game. The were considered tough, later it would be termed reckless.

All this changed when Max Webster, pro bowl center of the Steelers, committed suicide. The new film “Concussion”, Will Smith stars as Dr. Bennet Omalu, a pathologist that speaks for the dead, that discovers a brain disease after autopsying Max Webster that sends shockwaves through the NFL. Max Webster had been troubled with headaches that were treated with medication, no one determined that it was a concussion. Webster was living in his car and tazering himself to alieve the pain when it was too much for his system and he died.

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