CATS- The Flick Fanatics (Karl)



Idris Elba- Macavity

Judi Dench- Old Deuteronomy

Francesca Hayward- Victoria

Laurie Davidson- Mr. Mistoffelees

Steven Spielberg and Director Tom Hooper bring the long running successful musical about some “funky” felines to the big screen with “Cats”.

Cats is the award-winning Broadway Musical that has been a fixture on the great white way and now executive producer Steven Spielberg and Director Tom Hooper (Chicago) bring it to the masses on the big screen with an A-list of stars singing and shaking their CGI tails.

The story is that an abandoned house cat named Victoria (Hayword) is befriended by a group of Jellicle cats and told that is was the night of the annual ball where a cat will be chosen for a new life. All the Jellicle cats will sing for the opportunity to be renewed. That is, all except the mysterious Macavity (Elba) a magic cat that is abducting cats so they miss the ball and makes his odds better to be chosen.

The cat population in this film is very prestigious and diversified from a fat house cat Jennanydots (Rebel Wilson) to an elder actor named Gus the Theater Cat and a little minx named Bombalurina (Taylor Swift). Victoria also not6iced a Cat that has been scorned by the others, Grizabella (Jennifer Hudson), a rich cat that is now down and out.

Old Deuteronomy (Dench) shows at the ball only to be confronted by Macavity and whirled away! With out Deuteronomy no Jellicle cat can be reborn. Only Mr. Mistoffelees another magic cat can save the day.

Let me start by saying, I like musicals……When they are done correctly! Cats has more wrong than it does right sadly to say. Hooper has an A-list cast with hit singers and Broadway talent and an award-winning play to draw from, but movie magic and Tom Hooper manage to make Cats a stinky sandbox of a film. There are the familiar songs “Memories” sung by Hudson twice in the film but instead of hearing her fabulous voice they mess it up with emotion and whimpering. Mr. Mistoffelees is my favorite song in the film but is over shadowed by the new tune “The Mystery Cat” by Taylor Swift which was forgettable. Finally, the big issue with Cats is that the Cats walk on two legs through the entire film and their CGI tails are distracting and annoying.

Everyone makes a bummer film, even Spielberg, but I’m hoping he redeems himself with his next musical West Side Story in 2020.


Flickanalysis Grade: 1/5