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Marvel’s smart as, wise cracking mercenary with a mouth assassin is back in “Deadpool”.

Ryan Reynolds is back as Wade Wilson, a gun for hire that has more one-liners than he does bullets, that becomes the anti-hero “Deadpool”. We last saw Wade as a hybrid mutant being decapitated by Wolverine and Sabertooth in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In Deadpool, Wade is still a mercenary but the only reference back to the previous film is when Deadpool said thanks to the hunky Australian for getting him his own movie. Deadpool grabs you from the opening credits and will have you in hysterics until the screen fades to black!

Deadpool narrates his film as well as talks directly to the audience throughout the film. This time the origin of Wade is a mercenary that falls for a beautiful bartender Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) only to learn he has bone cancer and is going to die. Wade is approached by a man with a cure for his cancer and promises to make Wilson a superhero. Wade leaves Vanessa so not to put her through it and get this hero treatment.

Wilson soon learns he is to be tortured until his mutant cells release in his body. A British asshat (that’s what they call him in the credits) named Ajax (Ed Skrein) is the one making Wilson into a super slave. Wade’s mutant genes come out and he has a new healing factor that cures his cancer, but the result of the torture leaves him looking like a love child between Freddy Kruger and an avocado. Wade is now too ugly to get Vanessa back so he plans to track down and kill Ajax.

Wilson then tells us he came up with a red suit so the bad guys don’t see him bleed. The Deadpool name came from Wade’s friend Weasel (TJ Miller), who bet on Wilson to die in the bar dead pool and now was screwed because Wade can’t be killed. Deadpool is born.

The next 90 minutes is filled with bullets flying, bad guys dying and Deadpool cracking jokes! X-Men Colossus and his trainee Negasonic teenage warhead get in the way of Deadpool killing Ajax and he escapes. Colossus wants Deadpool to become a hero and join the Xmen, but Wade thinks they are idiots.

Ajax and Angel Dust (Gina Carano,) his mutant sidekick with super strength , kidnap Vanessa setting up a climactic battle royal between Deadpool and the Xmen versus Ajax, Angel Dust and 50 bad guys!

*********DEADPOOL IS NOT FOR CHILDREN********************

This is a comic book film from Marvel but it is about a killer that hangs out in strip clubs, his favorite word is f**k and he likes to have sex with Vanessa. This was originally rated NC-17, but got an R rating. So if your kid can’t drive themselves to the film, they shouldn’t see it!

That being said ………DEADPOOL IS AWESOME!!!!

This is the funniest, crudest and best Marvel film ever!

Also Stan Lee has his best cameo and stick around for the after credit scene, it is hilarious!

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Rating: 6/6

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