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deadpool poster2Deadpool follows the life of Wade Wilson, as he lives his life sticking-up for others that are too weak to do it for themselves.  After he finds the woman of his dreams, the two live happily ever after…just kidding!  After Wade is given a death sentence (being diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer), a private organization reaches-out and attempts to recruit Wilson.  After some manipulation and feeling that he must protect the woman he loves, he finally agrees and undergoes a terrifyingly-painful operation where the outcomes are unknown.  After becoming fed-up, Wilson escapes from the secret lab; and though he is alive and cancer-free, he is horribly disfigured.  He meets-up with his best friend Weasel and the two being discussing nicknames for Wade, finally settling on Deadpool.  After coming-to-terms with his new life, he has two goals: make a badass suit to hide his vomit-inducing appearance and hunt down the men responsible, all well determining how to tell the woman he loves that he’s still alive.  Will things go well for Deadpool; you’ll just have to see it to find out!

Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular anti-hero Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool (once again).  Reynolds is absolutely hysterical in the role and he knocks it out of the park!  This is what the superhero genre has been missing.   Ed Skrein plays the mastermind behind Wade Wilson’s transformation, Ajax.  Morena Baccarin plays the love of Wade’s life, Vanessa.  T.J. Miller plays Wilson’s best friend and confidant, Weasel.  Stefan Kapicic plays the voice of the hilarious Colossus.  Brianna Hildebrand plays the moody Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  Michael Benyaer plays the Warlord.  Randal Reeder and Isaac C. Singleton Jr. plays two fellow “deed-doers” in Buck and Boothe.  And Stan Lee has his best cameo yet!

After years of wonder and failure, the team including Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds helped finally bring “Deadpool” to the big-screen in his own film and WOW!  First of all, there has never been a superhero (or anti-superhero) film like this before and the “Merc with a mouth” is an absolute game-changer for the superhero genre.  Every other word that comes-out of his mouth is some type of vulgar obscenity; it’s hard to imagine of version of the film that will run on network TV.  Deadpool also excels with its writing, as there are so many superhero and Marvel jokes that it’s hard to just pick your one favorite.  Whether it’s the constant ripping-of Hugh Jackman or the not-so-subtle jabs at Marvel characters, the jokes will constantly have you laughing along-with the insults.  One thing I must stress, if you haven’t picked it up so far, is that “Deadpool” is 100% adult-only and NOT for children!  As you’ve seen from the trailers, the film has a great soundtrack as well; with hits from Salt n Pepa, DMX, Juice Newton, and George Michael just to name a few.  Not to mention how many superheroes have their own rap??   One of my favorite moments in the film comes at the very beginning, the credits are starting to roll and we are being shown-through a still car crash, with plenty of funny objects being shown, but the titles they use for the cast and crew (it’s not their names) sets the tone for what is about to be a non-stop hysterical action-packed thrill ride.  If there’s one issue I have with the film, it’s that it doesn’t feel like a complete story (but maybe that’s on-purpose?).  Deadpool has a runtime of 108 minutes and it flows-beautifully while constantly keeping you laughing and enthralled.  Deadpool is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, but it’s something that deserves to be seen by all; it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day date!

Deadpool follows the story of the violent and vulgar anti-hero, Deadpool.  The film features plenty of hilarious jokes, great action scenes, and numerous inventive deaths.  If you are heading to the theater this Valentine’s Day Weekend, you better go see Deadpool!!


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DEADPOOL is rated R for strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity, in theaters Friday!

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