DUMBO (2019)- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

DUMBO (2019)


Colin Ferrell: Holt Ferrier

Michael Keaton: V.A. Vandevere

Danny DeVito- Max Medici

Tim Burton brings the Disney animated classic “DUMBO” to life on the big screen.

Holt Ferrier (Ferrell), a circus star specializing in trick riding, returned home from the war leaving his left arm back in Europe. Holt finds his kids Milly and Joe (Nico Parker, Finley Hobbins) at the train station where Max Medici was getting the circus ready to roll out. Holt was told how his wife had gotten sick and eventually passed away. Max and the performers hit hard times with acts leaving, so he sold Holt’s horses and brokered a deal for a pregnant female elephant.

Holt and the Kids were put in charge of the Elephant and cleaning up after it. While Max and the show made their way through the Midwest, Mrs. Jumbo the elephant gave birth to a baby elephant with giant ears. Milly and Joe instantly began to work with the baby elephant attempting to train it. Holt was told by Max to hide the ears and get it in the show with the clowns. Joe fed a peanut to the baby elephant and Milly introduced har trained mice to him. The elephant inhaled a feather by accident and sneezed. The power of the sneeze cause the elephant to get airborne and flew for a few seconds flapping his giant ears.

In Joplin Missouri, the baby elephant made his debut with the clowns and it was a mess with the little guy trashing the set and ending up getting the name Dumbo. Max returned Dumbo’s mother but kept the baby. Milly and Joe continued to work on Dumbo’s flying and finally showed their father and Max.

Dumbo was a star and astounded crowds and made headlines across the country and brought out V.A. Vandevere, the king of Coney Island to see the flying elephant himself. Colette Marchant (Eva Green), a trapeze artist from Vandevere’s show in New York was with him because V.A. had plans for her to ride Dumbo through the air. V.A. Vandevere was impressed and offered Max a partnership so he could get Dumbo and the Farrier family then eventually weed out the other acts from Max’s circus.

Dumbo practiced with Collette but was rushed in front of sold out audiences. V. A. showed his true colors when Holt asked for the safety nets to be put out and they refused on orders from Vandevere. Dumbo flew with Collette and V.A. fired all Max’s acts. Dumbo made a discovery; his mother was in Vadevere’s freak show and they were reunited. Vandevere was losing control of Dumbo and his mother, so he ordered Dumbo’s mother moved and killed! Holt, Collette and the kids had to get Dumbo and his mother out and return them back home to Africa!

Burton has transformed a 1940’s animated classic into a beautiful live action CGI masterpiece! Dumbo 2019 has realistic animation and a good story, but it does seem to lack tempo in the middle of the film. The one thing I wanted to see in this version was the friendship with the mouse, but Burton flipped that to the Farrier kids. Kids will love the new film and parents will remember a piece of their childhood. I did like that Burton found a way to link up Dumbo with the other Disney “Live Action” film Jungle Book.

Flickanalysis rating: 3/5

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