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Everybody Wants Some posterHere for a Good Time.  Not a Long Time.

“Everybody Wants Some!!” arrives this week and is being called the “spiritual sequel” to the cult classic “Dazed and Confused”.  The film follows a team of college baseball players; focusing on the freshmen and newcomers to the team as they juggle their newly-inherited independence and the world that is college.  Our primary protagonist, Jake, is a nice kid and is coming from an area where he was dominant; only to realize he is now at the bottom of the list.  Richard Linklater, the director and the man behind “Boyhood”, has confirmed this film picks-up right where that one left-off: a boy arriving at college.  As the freshmen deal-with the gigantic new World in-front of them, they also must from bonds with their new teammates, as they hope to become a very successful baseball team.  All of this while balancing partying, girls, and other activities; and it seems like a handful, but it is an experience that helps bring a boy into adulthood.  The rest of the film follows the three days leading-up to the first day of classes as they journey to adulthood comes full-circle.

Blake Jenner as the film’s primary focus, Jake.  Zoey Deutch plays a fellow freshman and the object of Jake’s desires, Beverly.  Ryan Guzman plays a fellow teammate of Jake’s, Kenny Roeper.  Tyler Hoechlin plays one of the leaders of the baseball team, Glen McReynolds.  Glen Powell plays a goofy sophomore player named Finnegan.  Temple Baker plays fellow freshmen player named Plummer.  Wyatt Russell plays a wise and pot-smoking player named Willoughby.  Will Brittain plays fellow freshmen player Billy Autrey, better known by an unfortunate nickname.  Forrest Vickery plays a returning player named Coma.  Tanner Kalina plays another freshmen teammate, Brumley.  Austin Amelio plays the wisecracking Nesbit.  Juston Street plays an odd and psychotic pitcher named Niles.  J. Quinton Johnson plays a fellow returning player, Dale.

The beauty of “Everybody Wants Some!!” comes from its natural ability to tell a story that viewers can connect-with throughout, while introducing entertaining and realistic characters.  The film excels due to its impressive (mostly-unknown) cast.  They share an unspeakable amount of chemistry which adds realism and authenticity to the film.  As a former college athlete, I can speak to the nature of some of the events throughout the film.  Though the time difference spans over 30 years, many of the days leading-up to the first day of class were consumed with drinking, bonding, comradery, and balancing being “on our own”.  I was also able to connect-with many of the film’s characters; notices personality traits of my former teammates in the characters.  While “Boyhood” was an unbelievable filmmaking achievement, it’s pace and tone doesn’t make it one of the most entertaining.  “Everybody Wants Some!!” fixes that enormously, with plenty of great one-liners, hilarious situations, and party antics; as well as a faster (albeit not perfect) pace and happier tone.  The film also sports an impressive and foot-tapping soundtrack, featuring hits from artists such as: The Knack, Pat Benatar, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, and many more!  What makes the film such a success is how relatable it is for the audience, whether you played sports in college or not, the film’s situations have faced us all head-on and just about everybody should be able to recognize some type of familiarity in the film’s characters; genius-level authentic filmmaking.  However, the film’s abrupt ending left me slightly unhappy, but, from a filmmaking perspective, it makes complete sense.  “Everybody Wants Some!!” has a run time of 118 minutes and only slightly drags to do a few pacing issues in the final third of the film.  Whether you went to college or not, we all have had to reach adulthood and “Everybody Wants Some!!” is one of the best coming-of-age college tales we have seen in a very long time!

“Everybody Wants Some!!” follows an incoming freshmen baseball player as he attempts to bond with the team, while balancing the crazy and independent life of a college student.  The film features plenty of laughs, characters with realistic and connectable traits, a fantastic soundtrack, and a beautiful look at the journey into adulthood.  If you are heading to the movies this weekend, go see “Everybody Wants Some!!” !!  

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EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! is rated R for language throughout, sexual content, drug use and some nudity, in theaters Friday!

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