FIFTY SHADES DARKER- Kathy Kaiser (Matinee Chat)


Fifty Shades Darker

Rated R (1hr 58 min)

Starring Jamie Dorman, Dakota Johnson, Marcia Gay Harden, Kim Bassinger and Eric Johnson

Back for the next installment in this Fifty Shades ménage a trois – it seems that Christian Grey (Jamie Dorman) and his lost love Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) have decided to rekindle their romance, but with a few new rules that must be abided by.

When Anastasia starts working for a totally hunky new boss by the name of Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Christian’s jealous ways appear, forcing her to reevaluate their relationship yet again.

As Christian and Anastasia wade through the trials and tribulations of their new sorted relationship, it seems that while Christian tries to uphold the “good guy” persona Anastasia prefers, it might just be that Ms. Steele is becoming more intrigued by, and available to Christian’s sadistic tendencies after all.
But what about all those women from Christian’s past that keep appearing back in his life? It seems they all want to make sure that this passionate love affair these two love birds have rekindled, might just not play out in the end.

I give FIFTY SHADES DARKER a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD: Well the anticipation is finally over, as the Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele kinky relationship saga continues on a big screen near you, and sadly once again, it wasn’t nearly as pleasurable of a viewing as I was hoping for. Dorman is as yummy as ever, and D. Johnson manages to have most of her exposed all over the screen again too..but the chemistry between these two hasn’t heated up at all since Anastasia swore off this sadistic bastard last time, asking me to question the casting these two together yet again as well. I mean, If your going enjoy one another’s company in more and more provocative ways throughout each film shouldn’t there be a few passionate kisses at least somewhere along the way that translate on screen??? And the barely there storylines of the ladies from Christian’s past, didn’t seem to add any fuel to flames of this rather smoldering sequel either. All in all, if you loved the books and you enjoyed the first film, then please experience this one too on the big screen near you. Besides then you can discuss all the erotic trysts on Monday with your girlfriends at the office. But if you weren’t impressed last time, then believe me, you definitely won’t be blown away this time around either. Heck, even with all those perfect abs, strategically placed throughout this film, and a few good tooshie shots along the way too….it couldn’t sway me to give FIFTY SHADES DARKER a pass as a MUST SEE…Here’s to hoping for so much more from #3!
Kathy Kaiser

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