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Ellen DeGeneres is back as the forgetful fish we loved in Finding Nemo, only this time the waters she’s swimming in are a lot murkier.

Marlin (voice of Albert Brooks), Nemo (voice of Hayden Rolance) and Dory (voice of Ellen DeGeneres) are all back from their adventure across the ocean saving the young clown fish. Now Dory, who suffers from short term memory loss, is getting flashes from her past. Dory knows she had a family, her parents (voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy) that marked their home by placing shells around it so Dory could remember her way home. They also warned Dory to avoid the undertow that eventually swept her away and ended up bring her to Marlin and Nemo with no idea what she had left behind.

Dory, realizing her parents are out there wants to take another trip across the ocean to find them. Marlin is reluctant and hopes she will forget this idea like she does everything else, but Nemo agrees with Dory and the trio set out with the sea turtles across the ocean to California’s Monterey Marine Life Institute. Dory is grabbed by workers as they get to the coast (just lie Nemo was in the original) and taken into quarantine. Marlin and Nemo make new friends with sea lions Rudder (voice of Dominic West) and Fluke (voice of Idris Elba). Fluke calls down a quirky sea bird to carry the father and son into the institute to find Dory.

Dory is tagged and set to be shipped off to an Aquarium in Cleveland with some other fish unless she can escape the tank. Hank, an octopus with issues about being touched, comes to Dory’s rescue in exchange for her travel tag. Hank wants out of the institute and in a nice habitat in the Midwest. Dory has more memories triggered as she meets old friends as she searches the institute for her parents. Finally she is reunited with Marlin and Nemo only to be put in peril again as the boys end up in the tank on the truck for Cleveland.

Finding Dory is a cute film and kids will love it. But unlike the advertisements are saying it is nowhere close to the original. The characters aren’t as fun, the film is murky and too long. I did like the Sea Lions Rudder and Fluke but became annoyed by the repeated peril Dory, Nemo and Marlin found themselves in. Once they “found” Dory, move the story along and it is a better film.

I do think you should catch this in a matinee and, take the kids…..but only if you have kids. Otherwise wait for the DVD!

Rating 3/6

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