Christian Bale- Ken Miles

Matt Damon- Carroll Shelby

Jon Bernthal- Lee Iacocca

Bale and Damon race to theaters with the new drama “Ford V. Ferrari” that tells the true story of how Ford Motor Co. enters the world of racing.

Carroll Shelby (Damon) was the best US driver and the only American to defeat Ferrari in the rugged road race the 24 hours of LeMans. Shelby was driving an Aston Martin on an English racing team. That race proved to be Shelby’s last as he retired and began a career in Car design. Enzo Ferrari is the king of racing in Europe and never lost the race at LeMans, except to Shelby.


Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts) walks into his factory’s assembly line hitting the emergency stop button and announced to the floor, “Walk home. Tomorrow bring me a new idea or don’t bother coming in ever again!”  Ford executive Lee Iacocca (Bernthal) takes the challenge on and tells Mr. Ford that they need to develop a sports car to entice teens and enter the racing game. Ford agrees and Iacocca lands Carroll Shelby to design the car that Ford would race at LeMans and beat Ferrari. Shelby agrees to get the car ready and race team together in less than a year to go to the 24 hours of Lemans.

Carroll knows exactly who he wants behind the wheel, Ken Miles. Miles was a great driver but also was a “hot head” and drove like it. Basically no one got along with Miles and this gave him a bad reputation on the racing circuit. This didn’t phase Shelby as he explained the plan to Miles causing him to erupt in laughter. Miles tells him you can’t come up with a car to beat Ferrari in 3 years much less 3 months! Less than a week later Miles was testing Shelby’s new Ford speedster. Iacocca let Shelby do his thing but the other Executives at Ford wanted Miles out of the race team. Ford lost the races leading up to Lemans which prompted Shelby to bet Mr. Ford that Ken Miles can beat all the other Ford drivers, and if he does, he races at LeMans. Miles wasted everyone winning the race and punched his ticket to Europe and a race verses Ferrari.

Ford V. Ferrari is an amazing film and one of the best films of 2019! The Acting is superb with Damon and Bale headlining with Bernthal and Ray McKinnon (plays Phil Remington the crew chief) supporting them. The way that Ford V. Ferrari is filmed, it puts you behind the wheel in the racing scenes and it is simply breathtaking! I knew the story of Carroll Shelby and how he designed the Ford GT and mustang for Henry Ford II, but it was fascinating learning about Ken Miles and how he and Shelby took down the previously invincible Italians.

Fasten your seatbelt, race to your local theater and go see Ford V. Ferrari! You will be entertained for 2 ½ hours and when the credits roll and the checkered flag comes down you are the winner having seen one of the best films of 2019 and assured to win gold this award season!