GAME NIGHT- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatic.com)



Jason Bateman – Max

Racheal McAdams – Annie

Kyle Chandler – Brooks

Jesse Plemons –  Gary

Bateman and McAdams “roll the bones” in the new comedic thriller “GAME NIGHT”

Max met Annie at a trivia night as opposing team captains, a highly completive pair who fell in love and married in an arcade. Max and Annie continued their rivalry with their friends hosting a weekly game night.

Gary, the next door neighbor who previously was on the invite list to game night, fell off when his wife Linda left him. Max and Annie were creeped out by Gary so they tried to avoid inviting him to game night. They would tell their friends to park down the street and sneak in to the house so not to let Gary know there was a game night going on.

Max was also competitive with his brother Brooks. Brooks was the better athlete, had the coo job on Wall Street, was rich and the worst……..Brooks was better at games! Brooks was in town and came to game night ignoring the instructions rolling up in a classic corvette with the radio blaring raising Gary’s suspicion there was a game night happening.

Brooks told Max he wanted to host next weeks game night. Kevin and Michelle, Ryan and new girlfriend Sarah join Max and Annie at Brooks’ game night. This time game night was a mystery night, someone was going to be kidnapped and there were clues to come save him. The winner would get Brooks’ corvette!

Just then 2 masked men with buns barged in and took Brooks hostage. The game is on! Max and Annie trace Brooks’ cell phone and follow the kidnappers to a bar. Ryan and Sarah use the clues and lock Kevin and Michelle in the bedroom to get a lead. By the time Kevin breaks down the door, the “real” guys hired to kidnap Brooks show up to find he is already gone taken by a gangster known as “The Bulgarian”.


Max and Annie get the jump on the kidnappers then Annie shoots Max by accident breaking Brooks out, winning game night and the corvette. Brooks explains that he is a fraud, he cheats on games and he ripped off the Bulgarian (Michael C. Hall) selling his Fabergé egg to another gangster Donald Anderton (Danny Huston). The kidnappers get Brooks back and are instructed they have until midnight to get the egg back and can swap it for Brooks.

Max and Annie meet everyone back at their house then go next door to bring game night to Gary’s. While everyone has Gary distracted playing Jenga, Max sneaks into Gary’s study and logs onto his police computer to get an address for Anderton and information on the Bulgarian. Gary has a shrine to the love of his ex-wife in the room and with Max still bleeding from his wound all over Gary’s dog while at the computer, next thing you know the room looks like a murder scene.

The group gets the egg and does the best flea flicker maneuver to escape Andertons goons and get the egg to the kidnappers, well almost. The egg is destroyed in the car chase revealing a list of people in witness protection, that is what the Bulgarian wants. They arrive to swap the list for Brooks, only to have Gary roll up in his patrol car exposing everyone in an elaborate plan to hijack game night.  So the “real” abduction was a game or was it? This is when the Bulgarian enters the picture wanting the list taking Brooks and shooting Gary, the Game is back on!!!!

Game Night is in a word “FUN!” Bateman and McAdams have chemistry and Plemons is great as the cop next door neighbor in this film that will have you wondering what is the game and what is real?

Its your move……go see GAME NIGHT!

5/6 pairs of dice

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