GEMINI MAN- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

Gemini Man


Will Smith- Henry Brogan/ Junior

Mary Elizabeth Winstead- Danny Zakanewki

Clive Owen- Clay Verris

Will Smith does “Double-Duty” in the new action film “Gemini Man”.

Will Smith is Henry Brogan an ex-marine and aging black ops assassin that is the man you call to get rid of a target the first time. Brogan is in Brussels to kill a scientist that engineers biological weapons. Henry makes the shot from over 200 meters away with the target on a moving train. Brogan hits him in the neck and kills him, only problem is Henry was aiming at his head. Brogan knows his skills are slipping and decides to walk away and retire.


Back in the states, an old marine buddy Jack Willis (Douglas Hodge) meets with Brogan to explain that the information was doctored and Henry killed a “loose end” that could inform on the Gemini program run by another ex-marine they know Clay Verris. The dead scientist was actually working for Verris cloning soldiers. The discovery was heard by the CIA who have Brogan under surveillance and know must eliminate him.

All Brogan’s partners are killed and they try to kill him and the CIA agent Danny the girl undercover at the marina. Henry saves her and the two make a run for it in his boat. Henry contacts another marine buddy known as Baron (Benedict Wong) and has him take them to Columbia to get off the grid.

Vessir finds out about the massive failure by the CIA to kill Brogan and dispatches the ultimate weapon to kill the assassin, his son Junior. Junior tracks down Henry and Danny, following a cool motorcycle chase, Brogan confronts his assassin and it is like looking in the mirror! Junior is the spitting image of Brogan only 20 years younger. Danny runs his DNA and discovers Junior is Henry’s clone! Gemini is in the business of cloning assassins, and Verris has the demented idea to make an army of clones (we saw how well that worked for the empire!)


Brogan must convince Junior Verris is the bad guy and they need to take him and Gemini down.

Usually an action flick starring Will Smith and directed by Ang Lee is enough to tell me its going to be great, but with “Gemini Man” the complete lack of story substance kills the film. All of the surprises are revealed in the trailer for the film and there is nothing left for the audience to figure out.  The oor story renders this “shoot’em up” action flick …..BORING!

Rating 2/5 stars