GLASS- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Bruce Willis- David Dunn

James McAvoy- Kevin Wendell Crumb/ Beast

Samuel L Jackson- Elijah Price/ Mr. Glass

Sarah Paulson- Dr. Elle Staple

M. Night Shyamalan’s 19 year journey through comic book lore comes to a climactic conclusion in his new film “Glass”.

M. Night Shyamalan has brought together David Dunn, security guard turned vigilante with the ability of knowing people’s thoughts just by touching them and Kevin Wendell Crumb, an abused child who has developed multiple personalities including one called the Beast that kills young girls. The ringmaster for this battle between good and evil is the Mastermind Mister Glass, a genius obsessed with comic book lore that killed hundreds of people in terrorist acts to prove David Dunn can’t die. Mr. Glass is going to turn the beast loose on David.

David Dunn runs a security store in Philadelphia with his son Joseph (Spencer Treat Clark) by day and takes periodic walks to try to find a clue to lead him to the escaped fugitive the news refers to as “The Beast”. The Beast has kidnapped multiple young girls since he evaded the police at the zoo when Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Jay) escaped becoming the only survivor of the Beast. Dunn saw the TV report and began hunting the murderer. David communicates with Joseph via Bluetooth headset, with his son giving him possible locations from the computer based on the missing person reports.

David’s vigilante persona “The Overseer” is a primary target for the police making it harder for David to move through the city. David does bump into Crumb, as his alternate personality of a 9-year-old boy named Hedwig. Dunn got a vision of a team of cheerleaders chained in a warehouse. Joseph gave his father the location and the Overseer is able to save the girls just as the beast arrives. A slobberknocker ensues with David Beating the Beast, ultimately have them both crashing through a window falling to the ground. The beast and the Overseer get up to find themselves surrounded by the police and being led by a psychiatrist Dr. Elle Staple.

Dr. Staple uses strobe technology to subdue the beast and transports both David and Wendell to her mental hospital where they are joined by Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass, who has been a resident since his arrest for derailing the commuter train killing everyone except Dunn. Elijah has been reduced to a body in a wheelchair following repeated abused by the staff after Price left his room and broken into the hospitals computer system. Dr. Staple brought all three together to explain that she specializes in treating people that think they are superheroes/villains explaining scientific reason for their delusions.

Staple has special rooms for Dunn equipped with high pressure water cannons, David’s only weakness and Crumb’s is laded with motion active strobe lights to change his alters and prevent escape. The doctor did not account for the Mastermind in this equation, Mr. Glass who murdered an orderly and left his room to discuss teaming up with Crumbs “Hoard” of personalities and unleash the Beast on Dunn.

Glass is Shyamalan’s conclusion to his 2 decade long trilogy that serves as a tribute to comic-books and super heroes. M. Night gives us a realistic reaction by the public to a master criminal and a super hero vigilante. I loved 2000’s “Unbreakable” and was enamored when Shyamalan linked 2016’s “Split” to his previous film with a post credit scene featuring Bruce Willis. Glass is a fabulous film featuring great performances by Willis, McAvoy, Jackson and Paulson as the “shrink”. Glass features some great fight scenes between Willis and McAvoy, but in typical Shyamalan fashion there is a huge twist out of left field that will take your breath away! Want to know what it is…….I can’t tell you. But Mr. Glass explains to his elderly mother that this is not an All-Star comic addition, instead this is an ORIGIN STORY!

Who or what is surfacing in this movie and what do they have to do with our hero, the beast or Mr. Glass?

Go see Glass this weekend and find out and fall in love with this series of films and comic book super heroes again! Star Wars has always been referred to as the “Holy Trilogy” but there is a new Trilogy eyeing the title and “Glass” is the perfect finale to the films!

Flickanalysis: 5/5 Stars!

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