GLORIA BELL- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Julianne Moore- Gloria Bell

John Turturro- Arnold

Michael Cera- Peter

Julianne Moore shows the pitfalls for divorced women over 50 looking for love in the new drama “Gloria Bell”.

Julianne Moore is Gloria Bell, an insurance broker and divorced mother of two, that spends her time searching local dance clubs looking for a man and trying to find out how the neighbors cat keeps ending up in her apartment. Gloria is not the only one with her life messed up, her son Peter (Cera) is basically raising his daughter by himself with his wife absent for weeks “trying to find herself” just making the occasional call to check on the baby. Gloria’s daughter Anne (Caren Pistorius) runs a yoga studio and is dating a surfer from Sweden. Dustin, Gloria’s ex-husband, is remarried (Rita Wilson) b ut maintains a friendship with Gloria and tried to keep up with his kids.

Gloria is trying to find a relationship in this modern age with techniques she used back in the 80’s. Gloria combs the nightclubs running into old fiends and sometime makes new ones. Gloria was at the bar nursing a drink when she is approached by Arnold (Turturro), a recently divorced father of two girls. Arnold explains he doesn’t know how to date and asked Gloria how she does it. Following a few dances the two go back to Gloria’s apartment where they have sex.

Gloria and Arnold begin to date and she notices some things that are strange. Arnold hasn’t told his daughter about Gloria and when they call he lies to them about where he is and what he is doing. He explains to Gloria that he is not ashamed of her, but instead he doesn’t want his daughters to shame him over having a new woman in his life. Gloria believes him and introduces him to her family at Peters birthday party. Gloria spends the evening talking to her kids and laughing about old family photos with Dustin, leaving Arnold invisible to the group. Gloria is surprise hours later when she realized Arnold left the party without anyone noticing.

Gloria is furious and decides to not see Arnold anymore, even though he calls her phone relentlessly in an attempt to explain. Arnold tells Gloria that he felt exiled in the party and he went outside and then got a call from his daughters and had to go. Instead of dumping him, Gloria agrees to go to Las Vegas with Arnold only to have his family call him there with more issues.

Gloria Bell is a video example of what NOT TO DO if you are over 50 and forced to start dating again! Gloria Bell has a great cast lead buy Moore and Turturro with solid supporting performances from Cera, Garrett and Pistorius. I have numerous issues with the storyline of Gloria Bell. Dating in the 21st century is done on computers and smart phones with swipes to the left and right, leaving the desperate to troll the clubs. Bell’s phone ringtone becomes nauseating with Arnold calling and calling…..IT’S A SMARTPHONE, BLOCK HIS NUMBER ALREADY! Finally, everyone (in the cinema) except Gloria figured out Arnold isn’t divorced, just a slimeball. (Spoiler)

I am Karl the Flick Fanatic saving you from this “Bad Date” at the movies, skip Gloria Bell!

Rating 1/5 stars


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