GREENLAND- The Flick Fanatics (Karl S.)


Starring :

Gerard Butler- John Garrity

Morena Baccarin- Allison Garrity

Roger Dale Floyd- Nathan Garrity

Scott Glen- Dale

Gerard Butler is back to save humanity from an apocalyptic event in the new action flick “Greenland”.

John Garrity (Butler), a structural engineer building a skyscraper in downtown Atlanta, cuts out of work early to spend the weekend with his estranged wife Allison (Baccarin) and son Nathan. John makes it out to the suburbs and walks in to a “frigid” greeting from his wife but then is greeted with a hug from his son Nathan when he gets home from school. Allison sends the pair to the store for some last-minute items for weekend BBQ party with the neighbors, Nathan fills his dad in on the news of the Comet that is going to just mis the Earth as it flies by in 2 days.

While in the store John’s phone alert goes off and he gets a call from homeland security. Garrity answers the phone and he is instructed by Homeland security to gather 1 bag and his wife and child and make his way to the army base for extraction. Nathan and John get back to the house and all their friends are there and he pulls Allison aside and tells her about the call just as the alert happens again and this time it broadcasts on Allison’s TV for everyone to see. The Garrity’s gather their belongings and Nathan and enough of his insulin to last the trip to wherever they are going.


Within the next hour as John and his family are pulling out of the driveway, the National broadcast system announces that in fact the comet is going to impact Earth and in 2 days a piece the size of a football stadium is going to hit outside of Paris and is a global killer. Smaller parts of the comet begin to hit the earth resulting in fiery destruction. Allison’s friends converge on the Garrity’s car begging them to take their kids with them, with John telling them they can’t. Homeland only has room for his family.

As the Garritys make their way to the base they are confronted with traffic jams as they race the clock to make the flight out. John makes the base in time taking side streets and abandon the car making their way through the mob at the gate to the base. Once inside they are checked in, they are instructed to put all their belongings into one bag and they discover Nathan’s meds are still in the car. John goes back for the insulin and tells Allison he will meet her on the plane. Big mistake! Allison and Nathan are flagged because of the boy’s diabetes and are turned away, John makes it back to the plane but cant find his family. The mob at the gate overpower the soldiers and make their way to the planes. Gasoline spills and gun fire begins and a plane explodes loaded with people forcing John to return to the hanger.

Allison leaves a note on their car for John to meet them at her father Dale’s (Scott Glenn) place then takes Nathan to a pharmacy to get him some insulin before he goes into shock. The pharmacy they find is being looted and Allison barely escapes being shot but manages to get Nathan a shot and stabilizes him for the trip to his grandpa Dales. A nice couple offer Alison and Nathan a ride on their way to Tennessee and see the wristbands they are wearing. The couple pull over and throw Allison out of the car, leaving with Nathan and her wristband.

John makes it out of the base and finds the note on their car, tries to call her but there is still no signal. John manages to get a ride with some people going to a private airstrip for a plane to Canada. John has the same issue as his wife when some thugs on the truck see his wristband. The truck goes out of control with the skirmish happening in back, rolling off the highway. John defends himself and finally kills the thug with a screwdriver to the temple. John makes it on foot until he can find a car to steal, then makes his way to Dales.

Allison is picked up by a group of people heading to the same base the people that kidnapped Nathan were going to. Nathan alerts the soldiers at the base that he was abducted and the people that took him were arrested. Allison shows up shortly later and with a military escort and lengthy search she finds a healthy Nathan. The army puts them on a bus and Alison and Nathan arrive in town just after John gets to Dale’s Ranch. More parts of the comet begin to drop all over the globe and fire balls rain down on the highways as the Garrity family makes their way to Canada for the final flight to the Greenland safe zone.

Greenland is not one of Gerard Butlers best action films, in fact it is sub-par. Greenland has more plot holes than the comet had fire balls pelting the planet. Watching the film, we didn’t get any back story on the Garrity family and why they are on the outs, why they get texts from Homeland security and finally the movie flowed like..” ok its been 5 mins so we need to drop fire balls from the comet and throw another hurdle between the family and the safe zone!”


I am Karl the Flick Fanatic, normally I enjoy a “good” action flick and I like Gerard Butler films (300, Olympus Has Fallen) but there are too many issues to recommend this one. Morena Baccarin (Deadpool) performance was good but the best one came from Roger Dale Floyd as Nathan. During this time when we are starved for movies, I say pass on this one for the holiday fare arriving next week at the theaters. Gerard Butler fans that must see it, wait and stream it at home in a month or so.