HUNTER KILLER- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Gerard Butler- Capt. Joe Glass

Michael Nyqvist- Capt. Andropov

Common- RA John Fisk

Linda Cardellini- Jayne Norquist

Gary Oldman-CJCS Charles Donnegan

Gerard Butler “Dives Deep” to save the world from WWIII in the new action thriller “Hunter Killer”.

The United States Navy has the submarine USS Tampa Bay shadowing a Russian submarine under the Ice just outside Russian waters. The crew of the US sub witnesses an explosion on the Russian submarine just before they are hit by a missile sinking them. Word gets back to the Pentagon that the Tampa Bay is missing and there were two explosions in the area and the Russians are moving their warships.

RA Fisk has mustered the USS Arkansas out of Scotland and Fisk has “picked up” a submarine captain, Joe Glass to command the sub and search for survivors. Glass is working class Navy, never commanded a sub but has done every other job on the ship. The Russians believe the US sunk their submarine, so tensions are high. The Arkansas finds the remnants of the Tampa Bay on the ocean floor, no survivors. Next, they come across the Russian sub and see the blast hole, all evidence points to an internal explosion…sabotage! There is a sound picked up by the radio, there are survivors on the Russian ship.

Glass rescues Capt. Andropov and three of his crew from the bottom of the ocean.

Fisk orders a Navy seal team to the Russian base to get some intel on what the Russians are planning. NSA agent Jayne Norquist gives Fisk the location of a satellite to use and surveillance from the seal team comes in showing a Russian military leader holding the Russian president captive. Glass and the Arkansas have sailed into a coup!

Glass must navigate his submarine into Russian waters through a heavily mined straight to rescue the Russian President and get the Navy seal team home!

Hunter Killer is an entertaining, suspenseful film with some good action. After “Olympus has Fallen” and “London has Fallen”, I thought Gerard Butler’s career had fallen…. apart! Hunter Killer is one of his best because he is leading but not saving the world on his own. Michael Nyqvist, in his final on screen role (he passed away in 2017) as the Russian Captain who helps his American counterpart rescue his leader and bridging the political divides of their countries. The good performances from the film are limited to the action in the field, and Common, Cardllini and Oldman are forgettable as the Pentagon bureaucrats.

Flickanalysis: Its time to go to Def-Con 1 and sail into your local theater to see Gerard Butler save the world from WWIII in the new flick “Hunter Killer”! I give Hunter Killer 4/5 Torpedoes!

Rated R: Violence and Language

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