ISN’T IT ROMANTIC- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Rebel Wilson- Natalie

Liam Hemsworth- Blake

Adam Devine- Josh

Rebel Wilson takes aim at Rom-Coms in her new comedy “Isn’t it Romantic”.

Natalie (Wilson) grew up fantasizing about a romantic love affair like the ones she watch in movies like “Pretty Woman”, only to be told by her alcoholic mother (Jennifer Saunders) that “girls like us don’t get guys like that (Richard Gere), we don’t look like her (Julia Roberts)”. So grown up Natalie is now an architect and doesn’t believe in romance and kills all rom-com stereotypes in the real world.

Natalie is one of the best architects at her firm but is invisible to all the executives and the rest of the staff treat her like a coffee girl. Natalie joins a meeting to pitch a new client (Hemsworth) only to be asked to get him coffee. Natalie does have two friends at the firm, Whitney (Betty Gilpin) her assistant that spends her entire day watching romantic comedies on her computer and Josh who is Natalie’s positive re-enforcement at the office and has a crush on her. His approach is muted when Natalie gets on her soap box explaining to Whitney how desperate she is to believe the false stereotypes that Rom-Coms sell to people.

Natalie is mugged in the subway and runs face first into a steel girder fleeing the robber knocking her out. She wakes in a hospital being examined by a gorgeous doctor and realizes she is in a Rom-Com fantasy world! Natalie is given the “Pretty Woman” outfit by the hospital to go home in and she is almost hit by a limo with Blake, the firm’s new client inside. Blake is smitten immediately by Natalie and offers to take her home. Natalie’s apartment is triple its size, she has a supermodel waredrobe and her dog is clean and actually minds her.


Natalie is in Romantic-Comedy Hell! How does she escape back to the real world?

Isn’t It Romantic, isn’t. Wilson uses this new comedy to rip on the Rom-Com industry and how sappy and fake it is. Some of the best lines/scenes is when she tries to break the Rom-Com rules. She swears and is drowned out by a alarm clock, and when she and Blake start to have sex the film cuts to the next morning keeping the film at PG rating….driving Natalie crazy.

I am not a Rebel Wilson fan, since she is the same character in every film she does. That being said I liked this film and the angle of dissing on the Rom-Com genre. Wilson is the same person but is support by solid performances by Adam Devine and Betty Gilpin. I was prepared to give the film an above average grade for the laughs and great music in the film until the final scene that turned into a flash-mob dance/musical number that was over the top and completely unnecessary.


I am Karl the Flick Fanatic here to tell you that Rebel Wilson and her film Isn’t It Romantic is not the Valentines gift your significant other is looking for this season, stick with candy and flowers.

Flickanalysis: 2/5 stars

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