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Kong is forced to defend his turf in the new action flick Kong : Skull Island.

John Goodman and Corey Hawkins lead an all star cast on a journey to explore an uncharted island only to find that monsters are real! Kong : Skull Island also stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and John C Reilly in this latest entry into the giant gorilla tale.

Bill Randa (Goodman) and Houston Brooks (Hawkins) work for Monarch, a company that explores areas in search of the unexplained and to prove the existence of monsters. Rand convinces the US government to fund an exploration to an uncharted island known as Skull Island, an island in the south pacific that is surrounded by a perpetual hurricane. Randa and Hawkins hire Mason Weaver (Larson) a wartime photographer, James Conrad (Hiddleston) a tracker and requisitioned a military escort led by Sgt. Preston Packard (Jackson).

The group flies through the storm in helicopters and begin to drop seismic charges around the island to help Brooks measure the structural depth of the island. Suddenly one of the choppers goes down after a palm tree is thrown through to windshield! Kong appears and is batting the choppers out of the air like flys. The groups is scattered to separate areas of the island. Conrad and Weaver are making their way to meet Brooks and Randa then finally to meet up with Parkard and the troops. They must avoid giant birds that swoop down and eat people, Kong wjo is hunting them now and the natives.

Conrad and Weaver stumble onto a temple inhabited by native tribesman surrounded by a wall. Before they are speared Hank Marlow (Reilly) intervenes and explains that they are friendly. Marlow is a US pilot that was shot down in WWII with a Japanese zero pilot Gunpei and were forced to live on the island. After 20 years Marlow is an island expert and tells the group that “Kong is king around here”. Conrad asks about the wall to keep Kong out and Marlow explains it is for the real monsters he named “skull crawlers”. Skull crawlers are lizard type creatures that live under ground and now since Randa and Brooks dropped bombs, they are awake. Kong keeps the island in check and keeps the native safe.

The group is now proceeding to the extraction point, but Packard is set on killing Kong in a revenge mission for losing his soldiers. This never ends well when man battles Kong.

Kong Skull Island is a fun action film with a great cast and features some good action when Kong battles the Skull crawlers. I loved it when Sam L Jackson paid homage to Jurassic Park when he told everyone “Grab your butts!”. Larson and Hiddleston have chemistry and are very good in this latest version of King Kong.

Hint: stick around after the credits for a sneak peek at the next film that features another classic monster!

I am Karl, the Flick Fanatic telling you “ALL Hail the King…..KING KONG!” and you should by seeing Kong: Skull Island this weekend!!

Rating 5.5/6

Rated PG13 (Language, Violence)

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