LET HIM GO- The Flick Fanatics (Karl S.)



Kevin Costner- George Blackledge

Diane Lane- Margaret Blackledge

Leslie Manville-Blanche Weboy

Jeffrey Donovan-Bill Weboy

Never try to separate a grandchild from the grandparents, or pay the price!

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane (Ma and Pa Kent in DCU Superman films) re-unite for a new western drama “Let Him Go”. Costner and Lane play a retired couple that live with their son James (Ryan Bruce), his wife Lorna (Kayli Carter) and their son Jimmy (Bram and Otto Hornung) on a ranch in Montana. George, once a sheriff in Montana, now raises horses with his son and Margaret is busy over- stepping her boundaries raising her grandson Jimmy causing resentment with Lorna. All was good until James took a horse out to check some fences. James was thrown and George finds his lifeless body.

Time passes with Lorna and Jimmy continuing to live with the Blackledges and Lorna continuing to butt heads with Lorna. George turned to the bottle to help ease the pain of losing his son. Lorna also moves on and ends up marrying Donnie Weboy (Will Brittain) and moving her and Jimmy with Donnie into an apartment in town. Margaret struggles with the separation of their grandson and catches a glance of Jimmy with Lorna and Donnie walking with ice cream cones. Margaret also witness Donnie hitting Jimmy and threatening Lorna.

Margaret decides to make a cake as an excuse to visit Lorna and Jimmy to find out about Donnie and the abuse and to see if they need to come back home. When Margaret arrives at the apartment the landlord tells her the young family moved out. Margaret tells George what she witnessed in town and already has his suitcase packed. George asks her where she is going to start looking? Donnie had said he had family in North Dakota, so she planned to start there. George was reluctant and explained that Lorna isn’t just going to give Jimmy up, and Margaret explained that she is bringing Lorna as well. Margaret also planned for difficulties by packing George’s service revolver in the car.

George and Margaret have little luck finding out where Donna and Lorna have gone but meet a native American boy, Peter Dragswolf (Booboo Stewart) living on his own out on the bluffs. Peter tells the couple that he knows the Weboys and warns them to be careful because they run the town and are dangerous. He gives them directions to meet Bill Weboy. Margaret and George pull up to the small yellow house with a tall thin man working in the yard Bill Weboy.

Bill explains that he knew who they were and that they were looking for his nephew Donnie. He invited them to dinner with his sister Blanche and her sons,the whole Weboy clan. That evening Bill with Margaret in the car with him led George to the ranch out in the desert. The Blackledges sit down with Bill, Blanche, her boys Marvin and Elton Weboy. Blanche explained that Donnie was picking up Lorna at work and took Jimmy along. Blanche was like a mafia kingpin and her brother and boys are the muscle. Dinner becomes a bust, and Margaret squares of with Donnie and lets everyone know about the abuse with Lorna and Jimmy. Blanche ask Jimmy how he did it, then proceeds to use Margaret as an example. Marvin and Elton subdue George so all he can do is watch them slap his wife. Blanche then explains that Lorna and Jimmy are Weboys now and you should head back to Montana in the morning.

Margaret and George ignore the warning and meet Lorna at work the next day and take her to lunch. Lorna tells them she wants out and she will bring Jimmy to the hotel where the Blackledges’ are staying at 2 am after everyone is asleep. Margaret is excited for a moment when a knock came at the door at 2 am, but when George opened it, but it was Blanche and her boys on the other side. This confrontation gets ugly and the Weboys tell the grandparents to get out or die.


Let Him Go was a very good film with Costner and Lane starring in the film and showing us the natural chemistry they have together. I was also impressed with Booboo Stewart as Peter and Leslie Manville as the maniacal matriarch that would make Ma Barker cringe. Costner is doing a lot of work near his home in Montana with this film and his ongoing series Yellowstone and the scenery is AWESOME.

I’m Karl the Flick Fanatic letting you know that it is hazardous to your health to separate a grandchild from its grandparents! Let Him Go is a very good film and well worth a trip to the cinema for and afternoon or evening of entertainment.

Rated R (Language, Violence)

Flickanalysis Grade 4/5 Stars