LITTLE Review- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)



Regina Hall- Jordan Sanders

Issa Rae- April Williams

Marsai Martin- Jordan Sanders (13 yrs old)

Regina Hall is transformed into her 13yr old self just when her company is in jeopardy of folding in the new comedy “Little”.

Jordan Sanders (Martin) is the nerdy girl in school and is bullied by the popular cheerleaders resulting in a disaster at the talent show at school. Suffering a broken arm Jordan vowed to be the boss and get back at all those who treated her badly.

Jordan Sanders (Hall), now an adult and successful business woman running her own tech company with an iron fist. Sanders makes Ebenezer Scrooge look like pussycat, treating her assistant April (Rae) like crap. Sanders calls April to yell at her because her slippers were too far away from her bed! When Sanders arrives at work the employees scurry like rats on a sinking ship, hiding any signs of happiness. Jordan announces that cards are not allowed as she throws away the bagels.


Devon (Tucker Meek) a rich kid and Jordan’s number one customer comes in to let her know he is moving his business to another firm. Jordan begs for 48 hours to pitch a new app, only her team has nothing to pitch. April has an idea for an app that allows a person to view the world through the eyes of a child. Sanders informs April that the pitch is awful and she is “Just an assistant”. On a tirade, Jordan yells through the office that the business will fold until she sees a doughnut truck outside and a young girl trying to do magic. Jordan orders the truck away and insults the young girl who waves her wand and casts a spell on Sanders.

The next morning Sanders wakes up and she is 13 years old again on the most important 2 days of her career. April rushes over after she gets Jordan’s text to find her little. April agrees to help in exchange for the long-awaited promotion she was promised when she was hired by Sanders. Both women are forced into difficult situations with April running the company and pitching her app to Devon to save everyone’s job while Jordan has to go through high school again and a chance to be better helping the unpopular kids roll over the bullies.


Little is exactly that, there is very “Little” to like about this movie. Little is a reversal of “Big” with the main character going back in age and a storyline that is desperate for laughs. Little is loaded with plot holes and characters that are just abandoned in the film after establishing them. Justin Hartley plays Sanders teacher and is MIA after a few days of Sanders returning to high school. There were also soooo many opportunities for physical humor with hall waking up 13 yrs. old that were skipped, it is strange that Sander’s pajamas shrank with her body? Little is not all bad, Issa Rae is the lone character that the audience cares about and is cheering for in a seldom funny comedy.

The bottom line is that Little is predictable, long and boring with more negatives than the one positive that is Rae.

Flickanalysis: 1/5 stars