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Chloe Sevigny- Lizzie Borden

Kristen Stewart- Bridget Sullivan

Kim Dickens- Emma Borden

Jamey Sheridan- Andrew Borden


Chloe Sevigny takes on the roll of the infamous Ax murderer Lizzie Borden in “Lizzie”.

Director Craig William Macneill has brought a different spin on the unsolved murders of the Borden family to the big screen in the new film “Lizzie”. Chloe Sevigny stars as Lizzie opposite Kristen Stewart as Bridgett the Irish maid.

In Lizzie, The Borden sisters Lizzie and Emma live with there overbearing father Andrew and their step mother Abby (Fiona Shaw) and are joined by the new maid, Bridgett Sullivan. Lizzie is constantly defiant of her father and refuses to call Abby mother. Lizzie strikes up a friendship with the new maid and it eventually turns into a romantic affair.

Mr. Borden also took a liking to Bridgette and advised her to leave the door to her room open to avoid the extreme heat that collects upstairs. The real reason for the advice was to make it easier for him to enter her room and sexually assault the girl.

Lizzie and Bridgett began an affair and were seen by Andrew while making love in the barn. Mr. Borden was enraged and chose to punish Lizzie by killing all her homing pigeons and threatening to send Bridgett away. Abby in turn served the birds for dinner that night which disgusted Lizzie.


Bridgett told Lizzie about her father’s nightly visits. Lizzie and Bridgett concocted a plan to rid them of her parents and focus the blame on Lizzie’s uncle who had been trying to steal the family business for years. Emma, Lizzies older sister was outside in the yard, with Bridgett washing the windows when they both heard Lizzie scream for help. Someone had killed Andrew and Abby Borden with a hatchet!

Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart have fantastic chemistry in this film based on the infamous serial killer. Macneill’s take on how the murders went down is a new and different take on the mythology, but in the end is believable.

Lizzie takes a swing at a classic tale of love gone wrong that ends up on the blade of an ax. I enjoyed this version of the tale and if you can handle the blood I recommend you take a swing at Lizzie for yourself!





Rating R (Violence, Nudity, Sex. Gore)

Flickanalysis; 5/6 axes!




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