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London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen posterPrepare for Bloody Hell

“London Has Fallen” bring-us back to the World where Mike Banning is the head of the Secret Service for President Benjamin Asher.  The film opens with a drone strike by U.S. Forces, in-which they were trying to take out an enemy named Aamir Barkawi.  Flash-forward two years.  President Asher has continued to form his friendship with Mike after the events of “Olympus Has Fallen”.  The British Prime Minister has died following complications from a recent surgical operation and all of the Heads of State around the World have been invited to the funeral in London.  With little time to prepare, Banning and his team formulate a plan in-order to securely bring-in and evac President Asher after the ceremony.  Upon arrival to Westminster Abbey, they are ambushed.  Many of the Heads of States in-attendance are killed, including the Canadian Prime Minister, German Chancellor, and any many more.  Due to the heroics of Banning and his team, he is able to get the President to the emergency helicopter.  However, once in the air they are shot down and the only two surviving passengers are Banning and President Asher.  He must once-again defy the odds and save President Asher, against known and unknown enemies.

Gerard Butler returns as the heroic Mike Banning, the Head of President Asher’s security detail.  Butler handles the action superbly, with plenty more one-liners thrown in this time around.  Aaron Eckhart reprises his role as the President of the United States, Benjamin Asher.  Michael Wildman plays Agent Voight, a member of Banning’s team.  Alon Moni Aboutboul plays the film’s primary antagonist, Aamir Barkawi.  Radha Mitchell returns as Banning’s, this time pregnant, wife Leah.  Morgan Freeman reprises his role as Allan Trumbull, the Vice President of the United States.  Angela Bassett also returns at the Chief of the Secret Service, Lynne Jacobs.  Robert Forster returns as US Army General Edward Clegg.  Melissa Leo returns as the United States Secretary of Defense, Ruth McMillian.  Charlotte Riley plays an MI6 Agent from Banning’s past, Jaquelin Marshall.  Jackie Earle Haley is the White House Chief of Staff, Mason.  Patrick Kennedy plays MI5 Intel John Lancaster.  Colin Salmon plays the Chief of the Metropolitan Police, Chief Hazard.  Waleed Zuaiter play Aamir’s son and henchman, Kamran Barkawi.

While many people will instantly look at “London Has Fallen” and write-it-off; there are moments of pure entertainment and badassery leading to an over-the-top fun film.  As we learned with “Olympus Has Fallen”, the size of the scope needed to change.  Well this time around, the scope has expanded.  The beautiful city of London is on-full display and it’s magnificent.  The film’s characters though are lacking, as the big bad guys are truly not menacing (which is a shame).  Luckily, Butler continues to steal the show, but with the welcome addition of a few new faces to share the burden.  While “London Has Fallen” has a broader and darker plot than the first film, the story is very shallow; leading you to question just how they were actually able to think some of this up.  One scene in-particular had a character deduce a whole plan of attack based on little-to-no information.  Sure, the action sequences are great and one of them plays like a level straight out of Call of Duty; but while there’s plenty of style, there’s little substance.  “London Has Fallen” has a run time of 99 minutes, but it drags a bit during its bloated plotline-ridden middle.  While I did enjoy “London Has Fallen”, it is tough to recommend someone to pay their hard-earned money for it.  If you loved “Olympus Has Fallen” than I would say you know exactly what you are getting!

“London Has Fallen” reunites us with Agent Banning; only this time he must save the President while he is abroad.  The film features plenty of action scenes and a dark and interesting plot.  If you are heading out to the movies this weekend and you loved the first movie, check out “London Has Fallen”!  Otherwise, wait for the DVD release.

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LONDON HAS FALLEN is rated R for strong violence and language throughout, in theaters now!

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