LONG SHOT- Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

Long Shot


Charlize Theron- Charlotte Field

Seth Rogan- Fred Flarsky

Bob Odenkirk- President Chambers

Andy Serkis- Parker Wembly

Theron and Rogan are a very “Odd” couple in the new romantic comedy “Long Shot”

Fred Flarsky is an independent “gonzo” journalist with great writing skills and a habit for finding trouble. One such story had Flarsky undercover inside a white supremacist group doing a story when his real ID is discovered so he had to jump out a second-floor window to escape.

When Fred turns in his story the next day, he is told that the publication has been bought by a crooked media mogul Parker Wembly. Flarsky did numerous stories about Wembly, but was still able to keep his job if he would “tone down” his stories. Fred quit, not able to work for Wembly.

Fred’s best friend Lance takes him out on the town to cheer him up and they find themselves at a swank party with Boys to Men providing the entertainment. Fred sees a familiar face in the crowd, Charlotte Field, the Secretary of State. Fred tells Lance about when he was 13 and Charlotte babysat him. Fred had a crush on her and he kissed her causing his body to sported a massive erection. He was embarrassed and never saw her again until tonight. Just then secret service walks up asking Fred to meet with the Secretary of State.

Charlotte Field has plans to become the first female President of the United States campaigning on a platform to clean up the planet. She got the endorsement from President Chambers who explained he was out after 1 term to pursue a Film career. Charlotte met with her campaign planner to see what she has to work on, but Field’s numbers are good except for her wave and she isn’t funny.

Flarsky meets with Field and reminds her who he is. She laughs and the two catch up and she finds out he is an unemployed writer. Charlotte sees that Fred’s sense of humor and excellent writing are the perfect fit for her. Plus, she also has a crush on her old friend. Fred takes the job as Field’s speech writer even with the Secretary of State’s aide warning against it.

Charlotte and Fred hit the campaign trail as a very “Odd Couple” with Fred a sloppy stoner and the knock out politician. Fred introduces bad habits to Charlotte including drinking, drugs, clubbing and after getting high they sleep together.

Fields campaign begins to unravel following her hook up with Fred as the President begin to make cuts to her environmental plan because it hurts his main political donor, Parker Wembly! Wembly and Chamber threaten to destroy Fields presidential campaign if she doesn’t alter her platform and expose her relationship with her slobby speech writer.

Theron and Roggan are and “Odd Couple” but are cute together in this romantic comedy “Long Shot”. Odenkirk is great as the TV series star turned President of the free world and a great partner to the sleezy business man played by Andy Serkis.

Flickanalysis Grade 3/5 stars

Long Shot is funny, cute but also predictable. Make it a matinee date flick or dinner and a DVD flick.

Rated R (Language, sexual references and drugs)