MIB International – Karl Sides (The Flick Fanatics)

MIB International


Chris Hemsworth- Agent H

Tessa Thompson- Agent M

Liam Neeson- Agent High T

Emma Thompson- Agent O

Hemsworth and Thompson team up again to save the world from a new alien in the new comedy MIB International

Molly (Thompson) has always been fascinated with space and it got ramped up when she came face to face with a blue furry alien hiding in her stuffed animals.  Two mysterious men in black suits showed up to questions her parents and ending up zapping them and wiping their memories of the visit (they were neutralized). Molly was not affected and help the creature escape. Now Molly made it her goal to be the best and find the Men in Black and join them.

Molly applied to the FBI and the CIA only to be told there was no secret agency. Molly also hacked a NASA satellite to monitor alien activity and monitored the gossip papers for Alien Arrivals and departures so to trail the MIB to the base. Her plan worked and she walked in like she worked there only to be held for Agent O to interrogate.

Agent O is taken with Molly and agrees to a probationary period and makes her Agent M. Agent M is sent to London because there is a mole in MIB and she might be able to help find it.

Agent H (Hemsworth) and Agent High T (Neeson) were partners working on an Alien invasion by the Hive at the Eiffel Tower. After Agent H is blasted, he returns to Help Agent T defeat the Hive, an alien species that infiltrates the hosts body. Agent T is promoted to head of MIB London and Agent H becomes the MIB party animal instead of the ace agent he was before battling the Hive.

Agent M cons her way into an assignment with Agent H guarding an Vungus, Alien diplomat that the Hive has targeted for assassination. The Hive are an organism that take over two afghan men that kill Vungus at a club with Agent H and agent M guarding him.  With his last breath Vurgus hands Agent M a weapon that will protect her against the mole and the Hive. The MIB track the hive to an antique store that doubles as a cover for a group of tiny aliens that live on a chess board led by “The Queen”. The Hive arrived first killing all the chess aliens except for one soldier called Pawny (Kumall Nanjiani). Pawny dubs Agent M his new Queen and vows to serve her.

After failing their mission, Agent H and Agent M are on the run from the Hive and MIB trying to solve the mystery of the mole.

MIB International is lackluster sequel to the previously successful MIB movies.  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones had a chemistry and classic comedy team style in the early films that Hemsworth and Thompson don’t. MIB International has the fantastic aliens roaming the world and through the MIB headquarters and we even see Frank the pug!

Bottom line is MIB International is predictable and just stale. If you are a fan of the series I would recommend you wait for streaming on this one!

Flickanalysis grade: 2/5